VIDEO: Dambusters veteran says 'Lord of the Rings' director plans movie about famous mission

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The film director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson, has interviewed four 'Dambuster' mission veterans about remaking the 1955 movie, called The Dam busters, about the RAF raids in 1943 that used the 'bouncing' bomb on German dams.

Speaking exclusively to Flight at the Autographica event in London, George 'Johnny' Johnson, a bomb aimer aboard an Avro Type 464 (Provisioning) Lancaster in the Royal Air Force's 617 squadron that carried out the raid talked about his meeting with Jackson.

Taking off from RAF Scampton, of the 19 Lancasters that participated eight aircraft were lost. Five of them on the way to the targets, two during the attacks and one on the way home.The raid was difficult as the dams were to be attacked at night and the Lancasters had to travel at a precise speed at an extremely low level. Two of the bombers did not even reach their targets, being forced to return to base due to damage received on the outward journey.

The 617 squadron aircraft used the 'bouncing' bomb, code named Upkeep, that would skip across the surface of the water and over the torpedo nets that protected the dams. The bomb then had to reach the dam - but not strike it with enough force to set off the charge - and sink to the most effective depth before exploding.

Formed for the specific purpose of destroying these targets 617 squadron's crews became known as "The Dambusters" because of them. The 16 May raid was never repeated because of the high loss of aircraft.

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