VIDEO: Eurocopter X3 meets phase-one speed objective

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Eurocopter's X3 hybrid helicopter demonstrator has passed a programme milestone by attaining a true airspeed of 180kt (333km/h) in level flight at a reduced level of engine power in testing at a DGA base in Istres, France. So far in its test campaign - which began in September - the X3 has reached an altitude of 12,500ft (3,810m) and performed manoeuvres with left and right turns at bank angles of up to 60°. In the next phase, to be carried out at Eurocopter's Marignane base, it is set to reach sustained cruises speeds of 220kt. Utilising a Dauphin helicopter airframe, the X3 is equipped with two turboshaft engines that power a five-blade main rotor system, along with two propellers installed on short-span fixed wings.