Video: Hallowe'en comes early for United Airlines passengers as ghosts take over cabin systems on San Francisco to DC flight

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As we approach Hallowe'en, Flight is set to share with you a video clip it has been sent showing a modern-day Bermuda Triangle episode during which the spirits appear to temporarily take over the flying machine.

The clip (below) is from a passenger onboard a recent United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Washington, DC Dulles airport earlier this month purporting to show ghostly interference with cabin systems as the aircraft approached Denver.

Neither airline nor aircraft manufacturer Airbus has issued a report into the incident on flight 914, which did not endanger the A320. Flight is looking for clues as to the incidents surrounding the freakish light show.

Our correspondent was occupying seat 1B in the A320, which was incidentally the 500th of the type manufactured. The aircraft was at its cruising altitude of flight level 390 (39,000ft / 1,180m), "the weirdest thing happened", he says.

"All of a sudden all the lights in the cabin, including things like seat belt lights, smoking light, and call buttons started randomly flashing. The audio system went bonkers also changing channels, alternating static and music," he adds.
Our correspondent sent Flight the clip, which he filmed using a mobile telephone (in flight safe mode), but adds that the reverse view was even stranger.

In the video you can see the lights flashing and the flight attendant trying to get into the cockpit.

The incident continued for around 10 minutes our passenger recalls, during which time no mayday call was made, no descent was attempted and no deviation from course was made.

The pilot reportedly later told passengers that he had tried to switch the evacuation alarm off, which had been sounding in the cockpit. This caused the passenger control system to fail, the pilot had told passengers.

Were you also on board United flight 914 on 16 October? Were you the pilot? Know anyone at United maintenance? Is the clip a fake? Flight would like to resolve the mystery of the ghostly goings-on onboard UA914. Email us your thoughts.

If the video fails to open, click this link to download the file.