VIDEO: Iran Air A300 engine spouts flame before Stockholm run-off

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Video images of the runway run-off by an Iran Air Airbus A300-600 at Stockholm Arlanda indicate that the aircraft suffered a technical problem with its left-hand engine shortly after starting its take-off roll.

The images clearly show a brief burst of flame from the left-hand General Electric CF6 engine.

This appears to result in a reduction of thrust on the left side and a yaw to the left, causing the A300 to veer off the runway into the snow.

The twin-jet - identified as serial number 727 - had been departing as flight IR762 for Tehran on 16 January, and the images indicate that the aircraft was using runway 19R located on the west side of the airport.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport's operator states that the aircraft had 172 occupants, including 149 passengers, but that no-one was injured in the incident.

iran air a300 run-off

While runway 01L/19R had to be closed, it adds, the impact on flight was minimal because the run-off occurred during off-peak hours.

Swedish air accident investigators have opened an inquiry into the event.