Video: May 2005 Atlantic City ocean-going Citation Jet overrun attracts internet fan base

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The owner of the Cessna Citation Jet seen by thousands on video overshooting the runway at Bader Field in Atlanic City, New Jersey and entering the ocean is well on his way to cult status on the internet due to his aviation incidents. 

The 10 minute video (below), shot in May 2005, shows airport workers waiting for the arrival of the aircraft and the landing, before the aircraft (OY-JET) continues on into the ocean. The workers jump in their truck to aid and film the chaos in the water. Rescue workers in a boat free the passengers and crew, but the engines start up possibly due to salt water corrosion short circuiting controls, and the aircraft taxis around the bay, propelled like a jetboat.

The owner of the aircraft has a sense of humour about the incident, registering the replacement to the write-off OY-WET. As such he has attracted a growing fan base of aviation enthusiasts.  View the discussion thread on aviation web site

Or read the NTSB report into the incident.