Video: Russian navy Tupolev Tu-134 crashes after late aborted take-off

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Remarkably, nobody was killed when the crew of this Russian navy Tupolev Tu-134 tried to abort their take-off following a possible bird-strike at the Gvardeyskoye naval air base in the Crimea.

The 10 July accident clearly demonstrates the fact that a take-off aborted above V1 decision speed is virtually certain to end in an overrun.

The aircraft, operated on behalf of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Aviation unit Aviatsiya Voyenno-Morskoyo Flota was taking off from the 3,000m (10,000ft) runway on the base near the Ukrainian city of Simferopol on 10 July when the number one engine  failed and caught fire. Three navy officers, of a reported 20 on board, were injured.