Weather slows A330 search as navy locates more victims

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Weather is continuing to hamper the Air France A330 recovery effort but naval vessels have discovered several more victims presumed to be from the lost aircraft.

Three more bodies found today are being transferred to a Brazilian frigate, taking the total to five, while the Brazilian defence ministry says "others" have been sighted and will be retrieved over the next few hours.

The frigate is due to return tomorrow to the islands of Fernando de Noronha, where the search teams have established a co-ordination outpost.

"Search and rescue work will remain concentrated in places where the bodies were located," says the ministry.

brazilian search fleet
 © Johnson Barros/Brazilian Air Force

Poor weather has reduced visibility in the area, obstructing the airborne operations, but the ministry says its Embraer R-99 sensing aircraft will continue to sweep for new patches of debris.