Webbies 2008: Best Aviation-related Blog

Source: Flightglobal.com
This story is sourced from Flightglobal.com
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Best Aviation-related Blog

Who’s this category for?

Bloggers who blog about one or more aspects of the industry

Criteria: the Best Aviation-related Blog is awarded to the blog that was best able to demonstrate success in entering the discussions that happen in the blogosphere, had a strong track record in the use of all multimedia tools at their disposal and clear evidence of interaction with the blog’s readership and community.

Judges: Jon Ostrower (FlightBlogger – Flightglobal), Adam Tinworth (Head of Blogging – Reed Business Information)

Features: Bold opinion on a wide range of aviation topics providing insight into the industry
Judges liked: Well-written, knowledgeable, a compelling read and a great sense of community demonstrating a phenomenal example of how social the aviation industry truly is. JetWhine delivers the online equivalent of the hanger conversations. Blog and twitter feed enables the going back and forth of robust aviation discussions. Jetwhine’s accessibility is what makes social media, social.

The Cranky Flier
Features: news, opinion and information about airline industry for the consumer. Written from the perspective of an industry insider intending to explain why things happen the way they do.
Judges liked: leveraged wealth of airline knowledge against a health dose of blogger snark creating an eminently enjoyable and informative read, while simultaneously becoming a key travel industry opinion leader. Lively, informative and just good fun.

Nuts About Southwest
Features: neat design and various community features. Witty airline blogging that does more than bleat about its own success
Judges liked: Nuts About Southwest is the natural extension of the strong customer loyalty Southwest Airlines enjoys. Uses traditional text blogging, user submitted photos via Flickr, youtube videos, podcasting and most notably Twitter to humanise its business and provide an outlet for that loyalty. Uses full suite of social media tools and incorporates all aspects of new media encouraging a strong level of user participation. @SouthwestAir’s Twitter feed has more than 8,200 followers and inspired other airlines to join the fray.