Yamal and Kyrgyz carrier sign for up to 16 Superjets

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Russia's Yamal has signed a tentative deal for 10 Sukhoi Superjet 100s, while Kyrgyz Airlines has also signed a similar agreement covering up to six.

Sukhoi confirmed that letters of intent were signed by Yamal on 19 August and the Kyrgyz carrier on 16 August.

The Kyrgyz agreement would, if firmed, cover two firm Superjets - the -95B variant - and four options, for delivery in 2013-14.

Yamal's pact is for the -95LR version with delivery set for 2014-15, said Sukhoi.

Sukhoi has obtained agreements covering up to 79 Superjets over the month, buoyed by business at the MAKS Moscow air show.

Many of these agreements, however, are letters of intent. Indonesia's Sky Aviation placed a firm order for 12 and Gazpromavia firmed an order for 10.

Kuban Airlines is tentatively taking 12, Moskovia Airlines up to five, Tajik Air up to four, and India's Aviotech up to 20 of the corporate version.

Finance firm VEB-Leasing has also agreed to take over an arrangement to acquire 24 Superjets and lease the twinjets to UTAir.