Flightglobal's Commercial Fleet Forecast

About the Authors

This report has been developed through a partnership between Flightglobal’s Insight research team, with its unrivalled access to aviation market data, and Achieving the Difference's Clive Lewis a market expert with decades of forecasting experience within the commercial aerospace sector. The UK’s Bristol Business School, a leader in market modeling, has also provided support to ensure a robust methodology, based around key economic indicators and industry trends.


Clive Lewis

Clive Lewis of Achieving the Difference has more than a quarter of a century of aerospace industry experience. While a market forecaster at Smiths Industries (now GE Aviation), he studied for a Masters degree in Marketing at the University of the West of England. His dissertation on an econometric model for forecasting airliner retirements earned him a distinction. Clive went on to lead the market and business forecasting team at Lucas Varity that became TRW Aeronautical Systems and later Goodrich Aerospace.

As an industry supporter, Clive is a member of the ADS Market Development Board. For the last few years, Achieving the Difference has delivered the market forecast used by ADS and UK Trade & Investment to determine their international support strategy for the sector.


Flightglobal Insight

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With access to a wealth of information from Flightglobal’s premium services portfolio and industry expertise, Flightglobal Insight produces special reports and tailored analysis covering numerous sectors of the aerospace industry.

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