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Michael Grant 2009 BESY Can Bayram 2009 BESY
Michael Grant, joint winner, 2009 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year
Can Bayram, joint winner, 2009 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year

Joint winner: Michael Grant, Georgia Institute of Technology

After graduating first in his class with a degree in aero engineering at Purdue University, Indiana in 2005, Grant moved to Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, where for his Masters research, he developed a new methodology for robotic exploration of Mars using pinpoint landing technology. "This new entry, descent and landing architecture, called Smart Divert, challenges the paradigm of Mars robotic exploration," says his tutor in his entry for the award.

In 2007, while working on his masters, Grant participated in NASA's High Mass Martian Landing design competition, winning first place with his team for their design, Heavy MEDL.

In his entry for the 2009 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year award ― which was judged by a panel of former senior Boeing engineers ― Michael's supervisor, Dr Robert Braun, professor of space technology and director of the Space Systems Design Laboratory, describes Grant as an extremely intelligent and enterprising young man with tremendous potential.

Joint winner: Can Bayram, Northwestern University

Originally from Turkey, Bayram opted to come to Northwestern after graduating with a BSc in electrical engineering from Bilkent University in Ankara, because of the reputation of the Centre for Quantum Devices and its director, Manijeh Razeghi, "a world-leading authority" in her field, according to Bayram. "It was a great thing, a big opportunity to get this offer," he says. "But we are expected to work hard. It is very demanding. But the best bit is that from basic science we create an end product that we can show people."

Bayram ― who hopes to graduate with his doctorate in 2011 ― specialises in the development of high-performance nitride optoelectric devices. His research "continues to make many significant contributions to space technology and innovation", according to Razeghi, who is Walter P Murphy professor at the Center for Quantum Devices.

Previous Winners

2008 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year

Agnes Blom, Delft University of Technology

Agnes Blom receives her
Boeing Engineering Student of the Year 2008 Agnes Blom

The 2008 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year was Agnes Blom, the first Non-American winner and the first woman to receive this honour. She is now finishing her PhD, in aerospace engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and is a researcher at Stork Fokker. Her specialty is the development of advanced, fibre-steered, variable-stiffness composite laminates and the judges felt her doctoral research in composites design and analysis applied to many areas within the aerospace industry.


Here’s what Ms Blom had to say about her experience:

“The past year has been very exciting. I have learned about some of the latest technologies, met experts and leaders in different areas of aerospace engineering, and spoken to high school students about pursuing careers in this field. As the 2008 Engineering Student of the Year, new opportunities have opened up to me and forever changed my perspectives.”

2007 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year

Kevin Lohner, Stanford University

Boeing Engineering
            Student of the year Kevin Lohner 
 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year 2007 Kevin Lohner

The 2007 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year winner, Kevin Lohner, has already carved out a career in the aerospace industry, specialising in the development and testing of advanced materials and components. He began his academic career at Purdue University in Indiana where he gained a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, and went on to Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he added a Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics. He holds three patents and has published several research papers. He graduated from Stanford University in California in 2008.

Here's what Mr Lohner had to say about his experience:

"Boeing has always symbolised innovation and excellence in the field of aerospace, therefore this award was such a great honour to receive. It only further encourages my passion for my research in propulsion and energy systems for manned space exploration. Receiving the award and attending the various events and festivities was truly memorable. It gave me a chance to see some of the best technologies and meet some of the most influential people in the aerospace community. By Boeing sponsoring this award to recognise young engineers with promising ideas, they are stimulating overall awareness and healthy competition to help solve the future aerospace issues affecting our world."

2006 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year

Jim Gregory, Purdue University

Boeing Engineering
            Student of the year Jim Gregory 
 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year 2006 Jim Gregory

The 2006 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year winner was Jim Gregory, who was a Purdue University postgraduate when he won the award in February 2006. The award recognised Gregory’s development of a new testing technique for rapidly changing pressure through a porous pressure-sensitive paint and a new piezo-fludic actuator. Jim has since received his doctorate in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University and is currently in a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Here’s what Dr Gregory had to say about his experience:

“It was a tremendous honour for me to receive the 2006 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year Award. The recognition afforded by this international award has facilitated my job search and enhanced my resume – it certainly attracts the attention of prospective employers. The awards reception was a fabulous evening and a wonderful opportunity to meet many leaders in aviation and aerospace. I had many fascinating conversations and networking opportunities throughout the evening. I also enjoyed attending a major international air show and seeing the new and emerging products in the aviation industry.”

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