Space Shuttle Retirement

Space Shuttle Enterprise

Enterprise was the first Space Shuttle, built for flight testing without engines or a functional heat shield. It was intended to be refitted for spaceflight but design changes would have made refitting costly and difficult

Spaec Shuttle Challenger

Built as a structural test article, Challenger was rebuilt as OV-099 and became the second Shuttle to go into service on 4 April 1983. Completed nine missions before breaking apart 73s into the launch of its 10th mission

Space Shuttle Atlantis

The fourth operational Shuttle constructed by Rockwell, Atlantis has made 32 flights, including its 3 October 1985 maiden voyage. If the planned mission - STS-135 - remains in place, Atlantis will be the last Shuttle to fly

Space Shuttle Columbia

The second to be constructed but the first spaceworthy Shuttle, Columbia launched on 12 April 1981 - the 20th anniversary of the first human spaceflight. It completed 27 missions before breaking up in February 2003

Space Shuttle Discovery

Discovery became the third operational Shuttle to fly on 30 August 1984 and is the oldest of the three still flying. It was chosen for the "return to flight" missions following the losses of Challenger and Columbia

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Constructed from the fleet's spare parts after the 1986 Challenger disaster, Endeavour first flew on 7 May 1992. It is one of the three Space Shuttles remaining in operation and the final spaceworthy Shuttle NASA built

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The Space Shuttle

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