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70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Flightglobal collates the news, from its archive, as the Battle of Britain unfolded 70 years ago on 10 July.

Read from our rich historical aviation source about the battle for Britain's skies, with in-depth analysis on the fighting aircraft used by allies and the enemy.

Keep up to date with news, images, video interviews about the proposed new Battle of Britain Beacon, to be built in north London at the RAF Museum on the site of the former Hendon Aerodrome

The Battle of Britain Beacon is a landmark project that will stand at the beginning of the M1 as a gateway to London from the rest of England.

Peter Dye, director general of the RAF Museum in between Colindale and Hendon, London, and will be “a reminder of the significance if the past and a building to inspire future generations”.

The intention to build the Beacon was announced 14 May 2010 and the Museum welcomes feedback.

The Beacon will house a permanent exhibition of aircraft, some of which were actually involved in the Battle of Britain.

The Museum wants to have a “lasting tribute, not only to the sacrifice of young men from around the world who were involved in such a defining moment in history.”

The structure will be 116m (350ft) tall and is described by the Museum’s press kit as “a tapered body culminating in a shell on one side, while the cone is slashed through on the other to reveal the swooping and circling forms of three iconic aircraft as they dogfight in the actual battlespace.”

The design is the brainchild of architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBS) who designed the National Cold War Museum at Cosford and the Milestones of Flight at the same site of the Beacon. The Beacon forms a diamond plan at ground level to a cone invisible on the horizon, cut off at a slant at the top. Two vertical “seams” provide natural light into the building.

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