Emirsyah Satar, Garuda Indonesia

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    “I had stock options, a good salary and a great banking career, and I was giving it up to join an airline that was going south – its debt was overdue, cash flow was negative, and 85% of routes were losing money. My friends thought I was crazy.”

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    “If Indonesians don’t help this country, who will? Garuda is an Indonesian icon. If it improves, the country’s image improves. And I am a proud Indonesian. And I like challenges. I joined as one of Garuda’s youngest CEOs and it was a great opportunity to do something.”

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    “It [the IPO] will bring a higher level of scrutiny and corporate accountability as you have to follow rules and answer to shareholders. So whoever is in charge from now, they have to follow these rules. That is a big change for Garuda.”

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    “Indonesians are very hospitable. We try to get the best of the country and put that in our service. Are we there yet? No. You’re talking about culture, improvement, consistency – these are things we have to nourish and improve on a daily basis. But we are getting recognition in some international surveys – it shows that people appreciate what we are doing, and the negative view is slowly changing.”


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