Emirsyah Satar, Garuda Indonesia

Willie Walsh


Presidential class

Most people who follow US politics know that President Barack Obama studied in Indonesia in his youth, but few would know that Emirsyah Satar sat next to him in class at Jakarta’s St Francis Assisi School.

“When he was elected, some friends from the school reminded me. It was towards the end of the term for about two to three months. He had just arrived and did not know Bahasa Indonesia, so the teacher put me next to him as I knew English and could translate. I was only seven or eight then, and I totally forgot until I was reminded.”

There has been speculation Satar could enter politics in Indonesia, given the country’s parties are always looking for capable technocrats as possible candidates. The man himself is coy. “I’m not a politician. Put it this way, I see things very simply. Whatever I can contribute, if I am capable, I will. I’ve never been asked, so how can I say if I will join.”

Key Facts

  • European Union adds all Indonesian airlines to the list of carriers banned from flying in EU airspace due to safety concerns June 2007

  • Garuda is one of four Indonesian carriers which has its ban on operating within Europe lifted by the EU July 2009 and resumes flights to Europe in the summer of 2010

  • In November Garuda agrees terms to join SkyTeam Alliance 2010

  • In January Garuda completes IPO, raising $530 million in selling a 28% stake in the airline 2011


In Pictures: Garuda Indoneisia

Garuda Indonesia Retro Livery (PK-GFN)
Garuda Indonesia PK-GFQ
Garuda Indonesia Retro Livery (PK-GFM)
Preparing for Take-off
Garuda Boeing 747 from AirTeamImages
Garuda Boeing 747-400 from AirTeamImages