Doug Parker, US Airways

Doug Parker, US Airways


Doug Parker, more than any other US airline executive, has consistently through the years offered candid views on how the airline business can achieve sustained health. Asked if he ever envisioned himself as the voice of influence Parker laughs and says perhaps he’s “just willing to talk about things that other people don’t want to talk about”.

MIT research engineer William Swelbar calls Parker “one of the most influential voices in the airline industry with respect to the direction the business should take”.

Parker says a lot of problems in the airline industry have been driven by management teams caring “a lot more about beating each other up than having a functioning industry”.

Parker says it seemed more prudent for shareholders and employees to strengthen the industry rather than “beat up on all of our competitors”.

Key Facts

  • US Airways is ranked 13th largest carrier by traffic and 14th largest financially in the 2010 Airline Business rankings.

  • In FY 2010, US Airways had an operating revenue of $11,908m, up 13.9% from 2009.