Shinichiro Ito, All Nippon Airways

Sinichiro Ito


Japan Airlines is not the only big fish Ito hopes to snare. ANA’s chief executive goes fishing once a month in Tokyo Bay, normally with a group of friends he has known for many years. And, when he retires, he aims to go to Japan’s mountains to fish for trout.

“Fishing is my real interest. I work long hours but every month, during weekends, I go with my friends on a boat for an entire day and I don’t worry about anything. I don’t get big fish. I would like to catch Marlin but that is not easy. I normally get small fish,” Ito says.

“But the best thing about this is that when you are waiting for fish to bite, you don’t have to think about anything and you can just relax. That is a great way to get away from work.”

Ito was appointed to the ANA board in April 2003, becoming president and chief executive in April 2009. He has been with the airline for almost four decades, holding senior positions in a wide variety of business areas.

Key Facts

  • ANA carried more than 45 million passengers in 2010, an increase of 2.7% on 2009.

  • ANA is the launch carrier of Boeing's new 787, and will receive its first Dreamliner on 26 September 2011. The first passenger flight of the new aircraft will be a special charter flight between Tokyo's Narita airport and Hong Kong on 26 and 27 October while international flights will commence in early 2012.

  • In FY 2010, ANA had an operating revenue of $15,963m, a change on 20.2% on the year before.



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