Online Campaign of the Year (new category)

Aerospace companies must demonstrate a creative approach to online marketing to promote a brand, product or initiative.

Criteria: This campaign will have made effective use of rich media and/or social media tools to expand exposure beyond traditional delivery mechanisms.


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Launch of the Year (new category)

This award recognises the company or individual who has achieved the most impactful launch of a new online development during 2010. This launch will have made a notable impact in the aviation/aerospace arenas.

Criteria: Judges are on the lookout for evidence of impact in the marketplace, effective brand awareness and clarity of vision leading through to focused design and usability.


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Best Use of Social Media

This category recognises the most effective use of social media to build audience engagement. The winning company/individual will have intuitively embraced new methods of interacting with their community.

Criteria: Judges will be looking for evidence of improved audience engagement, a clear understanding of what works with regards to social media & networking, and a genuine sense of community.


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Best Use of Digital Technology (new category)

This category will be awarded to the company demonstrating genuine innovation in a digital product during 2010. This could be a website, an element of a website, a mobile or iPad application, an interactive magazine - in fact anything digital!

Criteria: The judges will recognise the most original and ground breaking development and will be looking for evidence that a company/individual has reached a wider audience online through their digital strategy. Entrants should provide evidence of how the technology has delivered against its original objectives. 


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Blog of the Year

This award is for the aviation or aerospace blog that demonstrates success in covering a topic, attracting visitors, and encouraging audience engagement.

Criteria: Judges want to see a strong track record using multimedia tools with clear evidence of interaction with the blog's readership and community, and recognition from within the industry/sector.


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Website of the Year

This award is for aviation or aerospace-related company that has established a leading online position within its marketplace. The winner will have built up a strong brand identity, successfully reached its target audience, showcased its products and services through intuitive site navigation and design, and delivered quality content.

Criteria: Judges are looking for a site that demonstrates a superior user experience, stands out among competitors, and has a strong track record of development and innovation.

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