Flightglobal Webbies awards

Entry requirements

  • Name of entrant/nominator
  • Email address
  • Name of website/initiative
  • URL of website/initiative
  • Description of website/initiative (word limit: 400 words)
  • Explanation of success against entry criteria (word limit: 400 words)


Winning entries will receive:

  • Webbies 2010 "winners" badge to display on their website
  • Featured in editorial review of Webbies in Flightglobal and Flight International magazine
  • Guaranteed month-long presence on Flightglobal home page
  • Guaranteed month-long presence on relevant channel home page on Flightglobal
  • Featured on Editor’s Blog
  • Links from the Flightglobal e-newsletters
  • “Last year’s winners” features and testimonials in the launch of Webbies 2011
  • The opportunity to post a 2 minute video profiling their winning site on the Flight Blog



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