Flightglobal Webbies 2010

Hints and tips to enter

  • Keep it clear and be specific. Ensure your entry is presented concisely. Judges will have many entries to review, so keeping below the word limit will work in your favour
  • A clear message of success is the key – explain how your site or activity has set you above your competitors as a market-leading force, concisely word the evidence
  • Submit specific examples giving some background, and outline your objectives and strategy to explain evidence of success
  • Set the context and background. Don’t assume that the judges are fully aware of the great work your website has been doing. Judges are looking for an explanation of strategy and goals. Provide an overview of what you set out to achieve, what the key objectives were, what steps you took and who was involved
  • Supporting information may include feedback from users and work with other partner institutions and organisations. The more detail you can provide, the stronger your case for winning. Use data, testimonials, relevant links, commercial results and traffic figures to justify your comments  (word limit: 400 words)
  • Celebrate the results. Provide details on what benefits have been realised and how they are being sustained
  • Success requires innovation, vision, ability to take risks, courage and creativity – demonstrate this in your entry
  • Submit your entry and good luck