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Thanks to a clever desktop app called Yodl

all – and we mean all – of your preferred information gets collected automatically as soon as it becomes available online. This includes the latest news, digital editions, job alerts, blogs, special reports and much more.


Yodl is quick and easy to use:

  1. Visit
  2. Follow the simple instructions
  3. Add your Flightglobal channels
  4. Enjoy content


What is Yodl?



Airline Business - access the digital version of the monthly publication plus get the latest news, jobs, events, newsletters, show dailies and videos find out more

All about Flying - contains the latest news, jobs, events and covers the latest safety announcements, aircraft training and flight tests find out more

All about Aircraft - brings you the latest content from the Aerospace industry including weekly newsletters, events coverage and the latest jobs find out more

Further Information

How does it work?

YODL is like your desktop PA - it alerts you of breaking news or new content and then stores it for you until you want to view it.

Once YODL has downloaded new content, it’s ready for you to read. So, no matter where you are, out and about or in the air, you can stay up to speed with all important aviation matters.

You choose the content

You’ll naturally have access to all the content from your chosen channel, including the latest digital issue and all the breaking headlines. Better still, YODL will soon tap into many new channels of content too - all of which will be free, even content that you’d normally have to pay for.

In fact, to make YODL even more useful, we’ll be asking you to tell us what type of content you’d like to see included - the sky’s the limit!

YODL is FREE and easy to get started

YODL is completely free to use. Just click on the download button below and follow the simple instructions. It then displays as a handy window on your desktop.

YODL is compatible with all computers and is extremely simple to use. So, why not tell your friends about this great addition to your desktop? They can download and use it for free too.

Try YODL now, you’ll be amazed how much easer it is to stay informed.



I have Yodl installed, how do I add a channel?

To add a Yodl channel go to the channels page - Alternatively click the plus button in the bottom right corner of the Yodl app to go to the channels page automatically.

How do I remove a channel?

To remove a Yodl channel select it then click the minus button in the bottom right corner of the Yodl app.

How do I refresh my view?

To refresh the view click the circular shaped arrow in the bottom left corner of the Yodl app.

How can I navigate articles in a channel?

Each time you click on an article a tab appears at the top of Yodl. Click on any tab to step back to previous content you have viewed.

How can I jump back to my channels list?

To jump straight to your channels list click the square button found in the bottom corner of the Yodl app or click the square button to the left of the breadcrumb trail.

Can I launch Yodl on login?

Yes. Click the settings wrench in the bottom right corner of the Yodl app and check the Launch at login box.

Can I change the channel icon size?

Yes. Click the settings wrench in the bottom right corner of the Yodl app and select the preferred channel badge size from the dropdown menu.

Does Yodl support alternative languages?

Not at present but we are working to include foreign language support for the future.

Can I change how often Yodl checks for new content?

Yes. Click the settings wrench in the bottom right corner of the Yodl app and select the preferred time from the new content dropdown menu.

Can I mark content as read?

Yes. Click the eye button in the bottom right of the Yodl app whist viewing the content you wish to mark as read.

Can a sound be played when content is updated?

Yes. Click the settings wrench in the bottom right corner of the Yodl app and check the notification sounds box under the general heading.

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