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ACAS is a trusted, reliable and accurate source of data for professionals in the MRO and OEM markets. Responding to your business needs and challenges, ACAS delivers the industry’s most timely and detailed aircraft data, reporting and forecasting.

Covering nearly 130,000 fixed wing civil aircraft across 26,000 companies, ACAS provides the tools and data that helps you spot opportunities, save time and effectively manage your sales funnel.

ACAS goes in-depth with easy access to information including; aircraft and fleet history, age, engine, APU, orders/deliveries, owners, lessors and lease details, contact names/addresses and maintenance capabilities and contracts.

ACAS can create value for teams across your entire organisation; analysts gain access to reliable market leading data, business development managers are able to identify opportunities with ease and broad overviews can be quickly constructed to provide colleagues with a thorough understanding of market trends and opportunities.

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Our market leading data includes


Aircraft hours and cycles

ACAS provides hours and cycles down to serial number, supported by a range utilisation statistics. Additionally the Time Series module (optional) can provide you with a 20 year history of monthly hours cycles down to individual aircraft level.

Aircraft interior data (Optional Module)

ACAS adds depth to aircraft profiles with aircraft interior information such as; seat OEM by cabin class, inflight entertainment and internet connectivity. This allows you to keep track of the installed base, key suppliers and competitors in the market.

Comprehensive database

ACAS comprises of 130,000 individual commercial aircraft records. Details include, event history, age, engine, APU, seating configuration, orders/delivery schedules, owners and lease expiry dates. This complements the extensive maintenance contracts and capability data including operator inspection intervals. Aircraft Values (Ascend) and Aircraft Availability updates are also available as optional modules within the ACAS database.

With preformatted reports and a flexible query tool you can quickly generate basic fleet listings through to more complex historical trend and market share analysis.

Contact and company information for Operators, Owners and MRO providers

The database incorporates 40,000 contacts at 26,000 operator, owner and maintenance companies enabling you to capitalise on opportunities within the market.


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How ACAS can help your business


React first

ACAS data is updated over 1,000 times a day, including; aircraft statistical information on total hours and cycles flown, utilization information and interior information – helping you stay up to date with the market.

Manage your sales funnel

ACAS provides order information and delivery data allowing you to develop a strategy that ensures you are appropriately tooled to meet the future needs of airlines and react to other market trends.

Identify opportunities

ACAS gives users a full understanding about lease duration, workflows and MRO cycles of different aircraft and their owners helping you exploit gaps in the market.


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What our customers say:

Trusted source of fleet information.
Richard Brown,

Easy to use and good customer support.
Antoine de Richemond,
Sagem Avionics

ACAS provides the following data which is updated daily:

  • Individual aircraft details at serial number level 
  • Operators and owners including contacts
  • Aircraft event history
  • Hours/Cycles
  • Engine and APU fit
  • Lease type and duration
  • Seating by class
  • Maintenance inspection intervals
  • Maintenance contracts and capabilities
  • Full order history including, backlog, model changes, cancellations
  • Delivery schedules  
  • Historical monthly hours/Cycles (optional)
  • Avionics, interior and IFE data (optional)
  • Aircraft for sale/Lease availability (optional)
  • Seat, IFE & Internet connectivity supplier fit (optional)

How ACAS works:

Commercial fleet forecast

Offers an independent view of the fleet development within the world's main regions to seat category and model



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