What is Capstats?

Capstats is a powerful and easy to use service for viewing and downloading current and historic flight frequency and capacity data from the Innovata airline schedules database. It has been created to give quick access to high level information on flight frequency and seat capacity data, showing output by a number of fields including airline, airport, aircraft type, country and continent.

Combine Flightglobal dashboard with Capstats providing  airline frequency , capacity and emissions data. Drawing on reports filed by over 4,000 airports, 1,000 airlines across 225 countries the Innovata powered tool provides comprehensive information with global coverage.

The quick and easy to use system allows you to conduct detailed market analysis so that you can evaluate your performance against your competitors.

A broad variety of customers make use of Capstats for the up-to-date information it provides on trend analysis and destination analysis. When combined with dashboard this information can create meaningful insights for airline and airport customers.

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Capstats includes:

  • Capacity and frequency data for all scheduled services
  • More than 800 airlines and 45,000 airport pairs
  • Historical data to 2002 - monthly updates and six months worth of advance information
  • Onscreen analysis or download to Excel. Capstats allows you to summarise data by airline, airport, aircraft type or year
  • Published airline frequency data showing airline, aircraft type, origin and destination
  • Country and continent data
  • Time-series analysis from 2005 to now and six months ahead
  • Raw data output to Excel
  • Available Seat Kilometres (ASKs) to airline, route and aircraft level detail
  • CO2 figures to airline, route and aircraft level detail
  • Simple, intuitive query interface
  • Saved searches to allow rapid re-run of regularly used queries


Why subscribe to Capstats?

  • Airports use it to monitor trends, new routes and market shares, as well as forecasting demand
  • Airlines use it to compare themselves against competitors, assess market on new routes in addition to trend analyses
  • Consultants use it to analyse the industry and make key recommendations to their clients
  • Manufacturers and suppliers use it to determine their key market opportunities

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