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Flightglobal Insight

What is Flightglobal Insight?

How to make your brand stand out in the crowd has never been more important than in today’s fastchanging media world. That is why Flightglobal offers sponsorship opportunities on a series of cost-effective but data-rich Special Reports designed to attract the attention of some of the aviation world’s key professional audiences.

Calling on Flightglobal’s unrivalled industry data, each report provides a sophisticated package of market analysis, technical information and graphics. The output is typically a glossy 32-page report, promoted through Flightglobal’s website, magazines, e-newsletters and show dailies, often around a key industry show or conference.

Clients to date have included Bombardier, CAE, CFM International, L3, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Rosavia, Ruag and Transaero.

How it works

A limited run of print editions is typically combined with a free, downloadable PDF version, with viewers simply asked to complete a brief registration form Sponsored reports in order to capture headline demographics. Details of the style, content and distribution are developed jointly with the sponsor to ensure the report fits with the campaign targets.

Produced by the Flightglobal Insight research team, recent topics have ranged from fleet reports covering military, air transport and business aviation through to more specialist studies on maintenance or aircraft finance. We also have access to world beating information on everything from fleets, financials and technology through to airline networks and programme updates. If you want to get your brand noticed through a dynamic, cost-effective and authoritative platform, the choice is yours.