The ultimate military aircraft information system

What is MiliCAS?

MiliCAS (Military airCraft Analytical System) has been developed to be the world's most powerful market information source for military fixed-wing aircraft. MiliCAS details the status of more than 48,000 individual western-built military aircraft and Russian built military transports operated worldwide at tail number level and summarises a further 19,500 aircraft at operator type level, including fighters, bombers, transports, trainers and surveillance aircraft.

How MiliCAS can help your business:

  • Market Analysis - When it comes to budget time, MiliCAS is your authoritative source for fleet sizes and historical performance
  • Sales - MiliCAS addresses and contacts are ready to reference or export for a mailing through contact manager
  • Product Support - MiliCAS provides support for your products. How are your products being used? How many aircraft of each type/model are in each country? How old are they?

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Who can benefit from MiliCAS?

  • Repair and overhaul facilities
  • Operators
  • OEMs
  • Consultants
  • Parts distributors

Analyse your market with data you can trust

Our data is compiled by our dedicated team of researchers. We aim to have the most accurate and complete data in the world.


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  • Information on aircraft in a military role, plus military aircraft in a commercial role
  • Details include operator, owner, serial number, tail number, age, country and engine
  • Competitions and support contracts retrofit and upgrade data
  • Historical production
  • Weapon compatibility
  • Delivery schedule (where available)
  • Primary and secondary role
  • Destroyed and retired aircraft
  • Contacts and addresses - contact manager orders - current and historical where avaliable
  • Easy to use menus, with ready to print reports Query tool (QDT) with export facility
  • All information is updated monthly by CD


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