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Flightglobal maintains a rich source of data and information on aircraft, airlines and airports.
Research options available for Flightglobal and Flightglobal Pro users include:

  • Complete airline operators data and information, including fleet data for every airline
  • Comprehensive airport data and information
  • Data on over 40,000 individual aircraft
  • Full schedules and route maps for over 900 commercial airlines
  • Traffic data for over 400 airlines
  • The leading database on airline alliances

Airline Profiles

Flightglobal offers more than 1,789 detailed profiles of commercial airlines around the world. Airline data includes financial results, traffic and full fleet details.

Sample profile

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Airport profiles

Flightglobal has more than 1,300 profiles of commercial airports around the world. Airport data includes traffic, schedules and capabilities.

Sample profiles

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Network analysis

Flightglobal network analysis tool, exclusive to Pro users, allows you to search the Innovata schedules database for the latest month’s data:

  • Search by region, country, city and airport level
  • Display aggregated data or drill down to individual flights at airline level
  • Choose to see additional data, e.g. seat capacity and days of operation simply by adding more columns

View a sample of the network analysis tool and schedule results

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Flightglobal Pro

Going Pro gives you the tools to reseach information quickly and easily.

Pro features include:

  • A personal MyFlightglobal dashboard configured to give you easy access to all you Pro content
  • Full access to enhance data tables that you can sort and filter.
  • Additional options allowing you to export the tables in Excel or CSV formats.
  • Quick downloads facility to save and print information in PDF.
  • Industrial strength advanced search options so you can identify airlines, airports and routes that are most important to your business.

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Find out how Flightglobal Pro can power professional decision making in the airline and aviation markets.

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Commercial fleet forecast

Flightglobal Insight produces a series of industry reports available as a single or subscription-based product.

Commercial Fleet Forecast

Visit the Commercial Fleet Forecast landing page: www.flightglobal.com/forecast

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