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Flight International

Flight InternationalFrequency: Weekly

Flight International is the world's leading aerospace weekly.

Founded in 1909, it is the oldest continuously-published aviation news magazine. Its internationally-respected team of journalists and correspondents around the world provides truly global coverage of aerospace manufacturing and aviation operations in the areas of air transport, business aviation, defence, general aviation and spaceflight.


  • Aircraft cutaway illustrations
  • Flight tests of new aircraft.
  • In-service reports.
  • Sector-by-sector analysis.

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Flight Daily News

Flight InternationalFrequency: Show daily

The award-winning Flight Daily News continues to lead as the number one air show daily.

Published at four major international air shows and other important events throughout the year, the daily is produced on site and distributed each morning at the show and at city hotels, giving you all the latest information from the show.

With its unique mix of hard news, exciting pictures, product information and snappy headlines, Flight Daily News brings you the best that the industry has to offer.

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Flightglobal E-newsletters

Frequency: Varied

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You’ll receive the editor’s selection of the latest headlines, special reports, event coverage, analysis, forum discussions, blogs and videos across the whole spectrum of the industry from airlines, defence, aircraft interiors and inflight connectivity to jobs and data.

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Airline Business

Frequency: Monthly

Airline Business is a monthly international magazine for senior airline management.

It deals with management issues, including corporate strategy, alliances, marketing, cost control, yields, financial performance and labour. Airline Business also runs specialist industry events, namely Network and Airline Distribution, focused on bringing expert audiences together to discuss strategic issues.


  • Airline Top 100 Ranking (August)
  • Airports Top 100 ranking (June)
  • Top 50 lessors ranking (February)
  • Airline Alliances (September).

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iFlight digital editions

Flight InternationalFrequency: Show daily

Our interactive magazines are packed full of dynamic content that help bring an industry event to life. From videos and rich media to animations, our interactive editions offer a compelling experience for our global audience.

Launched at the Singapore air show in 2010, our digital magazines have brought a new flavour to all of the subsequent major air shows, including the Farnborough air show and more recently the Paris air show 2011, as well as important subjects such as low cost carriers and finance in our Interactive Airline Business editions.

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JP Airline Fleets

Frequency: Yearly

The new edition of JP airline-fleets is out now.

The latest edition provides full details of more than 60,000 aircraft currently flying with some 6,000 commercial and government operators worldwide. There is a wealth of data on each aircraft down to individual registration/serial number. As well as the 800-page print directory, the information is also available as a PDF on CD.


  • Full details of more than 60,000 aircraft currently flying.
  • A logging feature that allows you to catelogue how many you've seen.
  • Aircraft data including individual registration/serial number, operator/owner and full contact details.

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