Miss Cochran joins Canadair

From Canadair, Ltd. comes news that they have engaged Miss Jacqueline Cochran, the well-known American airwoman, as part-time flight consultant. Miss Cochran has flown 10,000 hours as a pilot and claims to hold more international air speed records than any living person. In the war she was an Atlantic ferry pilot.


American company's cargo boom

For the first time in any one month, an American airliner operator has taken over $1m (£360,000) revenue in cargo charges alone. The company concerned is American Air Lines, and it achieved this record in October, earning more money from cargo operations during the month than it did over the whole of 1945. After an intensive survey the company decided to concentrate its efforts on the drug, electrical equipment and clothing industries. Mr. C. R. Smith, president of American Air Lines, predicts that within a few years air cargo will account for as much as a third of the airlines' gross takings.


Civil Aviation

The claim that Convair could produce a 200-seat jet airliner by 1955 - if the U.S. government would release the necessary plant and workers from military order - was made by Mr. Floyd Odlum, chairman of the company, recently. The machine, he said, would be a commercial version of the B-60 jet bomber, capable of crossing America non-stop in less than five hours and offering very low costs per seat mile.



Five former Luftwaffe pilots are reported to have joined Middle East Airlines, which is based at Beirut, Lebanon, and operates a fleet of

Source: Flight International