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For general enquiries, including editorial, data sales and advertising, contact us and a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why do i need to register?

You need to register in order to get access to all of the great content that FlightGlobal has to offer. Find out more about what you can see here.

I have a problem with my account?

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I have forgotten my password?

You can reset your password here and an email reminder will be sent to your account.

I want to buy a cutaway?

To purchase one of our unique technical cutaway drawings, please visit the FlightGlobal Image store

I want to use a cutaway for my book/film/documentary/project?

In order to license a cutaway for a particular initiative please visit the FlightGlobal Image store

Choose a particular cutaway and click on 'License this media' on the right hand side. This will open up the various usage options and pricing.

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Where are the FlightGlobal blogs?

We have made the difficult decision to permanently close the FlightGlobal blogs.

We are very proud of what we achieved with the blogs, from the excellent contributions of our talented FlightGlobal team, to the great commentary and engagement from our loyal FlightGlobal audience.

Things move on however and as more of our great content is delivered through channels and our online subscription service FlightGlobal Dashboard, we haven’t been able to concentrate on these blogs as much as we would like.

Some of the blogs will exist as an archive for a period of time but for latest updates in aviation please visit

Where is the AirSpace forum?

AirSpace is now closed but we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the site over the years and has helped to make it such a valuable resource for people who love aviation.

The digital landscape has changed considerably since we launched the site in 2007, with the growth of social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter replacing forums as a way to communicate with like-minded people.

If you still want to view FlightGlobal images you can view our Flickr page. Images copyrighted to FlightGlobal may still be used in the future on this page and on

Where is the FlightGlobal shop?

The FlightGlobal shop is closed. We would like to thank everyone who has purchased our special reports and cutaways over the years.

What about JP airline-fleets international directory editions?

FlightGlobal has decided not to publish any future editions of the JP airline-fleets international directory.

As an annual snapshot of the world fleet, JP airline-fleets has, in common with other print directories, struggled to remain relevant in a web world where data is more widely available through enthusiast books and websites or professional online services such as FlightGlobal’s own leading tools.

The data that underlies the book remains an important part of FlightGlobal’s fleet database and will continue to be offered to professional clients as data feeds and services, alongside the headline news and data on