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Flight International has been documenting and reflecting on the most significant developments in the global aerospace industry since we published our first issue in 1909.

The world’s oldest aviation weekly is as relevant and respected today as ever – providing analysis and intelligence on a fast-changing marketplace, and with a finger on the pulse of what is going on in air transport, defence, business and general aviation and spaceflight.

Our reputation for technical and programme coverage is unrivalled. Among our regular features are cutaway posters – giant detailed technical drawings of aircraft “beneath the skin” – as well as flight tests, censuses, rankings and directories.

We are an authority on safety and operations matters, as well as the business and financial aspects of the aerospace industry.

In one of our biggest developments, the magazine is now published in tablet format for the iPad – as well as in print and digital format for reading on a laptop.

Viewable in stunning definition, with added images, video and other content, the tablet edition is available to download each Saturday as a single issue or via subscription.

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