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  • American Eagle E175
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    Checklist concern emerges after E175 crew's pitch-trim battle


    US investigators have discovered chafed horizontal stabiliser control wiring on an American Eagle Embraer 175 involved in a serious mis-trim and pitch-control incident on departure from Atlanta. The pilots of the aircraft, operated by Republic Airways, were unable to engage the autopilot at 2,200ft and experienced difficulty in holding ...

  • Nexus4EX-Image_PressRelease
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    Why Bell plans to vertically integrate its eVTOL business and compete with Uber


    In a partial break with its partner Uber – as well as its own historical business model – Bell plans to vertically integrate aircraft production, flight operations and nearly everything in between, in order to grab a large piece of the nascent electric-vertical-take-off-and-landing (eVTOL) air taxi industry.

  • CDPH-7041-1618
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    Airbus Helicopters enters home straight with H160


    For Airbus Helicopters, the end of the long road to certification for the H160 now appears to be in sight. Launched in 2015, the medium-twin is in the final stages of its development campaign; test flights ended in late 2019 and, at the time of writing in mid-January, Airbus Helicopters was preparing to submit the final pieces of documentation to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

  • Nexus4EX-Image_PressRelease
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    Bell’s eVTOL vision changes as it eliminates two rotors and goes all electric


    Bell changed the design of its proposed electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, removing two rotor ducts and adding a purely electric propulsion option, after hearing from potential customers that shorter inner city travel would likely come before longer-range trips between metropolitan areas.

  • SH09again-c-Kopter
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    Kopter accelerates as gearbox issue fades from view


    Swiss manufactuerer Kopter is making full use of its flight-test base in Sicily as it works to overcome setbacks and bring its SH09 light-single to market.

  • Boeing 747 Pan am first delivery 1969
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    Boeing 747 marks 50 years since Pan Am service debut


    This week marks exactly 50 years since the 747’s first passenger service with Pan Am

  • Ben Smith, Air France-KLM
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    Which airline CEOs face the biggest challenges in 2020?


    Our annual assessment of some of the airline chief executives from across the world who are facing the biggest challenges – and, in several cases, opportunities – over the next 12 months

  • 32271873437_d4d2cd0754_o
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    Has airline safety peaked?


    The shock of a second 737 Max tragedy in the past year has prompted an urgent rethink of certification and training priorities after a long period of improving accident statistics

  • Indonesian regulator found crew of a 737 Max 8 lost in 2018 had not been trained in MCAS operation
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    Accident reports issued during the second half of 2019


    Final report: Lion Air 737 Max 8, loss of control in flight, 29 October 2018 The Indonesian national transport safety committee (KNKT) found that the aircraft (PK-LQP), during the climb-out from Jakarta international airport on a short domestic flight, crashed when the crew lost control following a technical malfunction. ...

  • Boeing's Renton plant
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    Max effect drags down overall sales and deliveries in 2019


    Boeing’s pain across both orders and production significantly impacts overall metrics in the mainline airliner sector 

  • FORECASTS INTRO c Peter Komka_EPA-EFE_Shutterstock
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    Outlook for 2020


    For airframers, the year to come holds technical, regulatory and organisational challenges sure to keep management focused – or even awake at night. A turbulent economy is buffeting airlines, while the technology race for military advantage is only speeding up. Assessing ongoing trends and pending trials, FlightGlobal presents our outlook ...

  • Airline Financials c Gregorio Borgia_AP_Shutterstock
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    Airline deals offer hints of a sector in recovery


    The year just gone was clearly one of some financial turbulence for airlines – high-profile failures included BMI Regional, Germania and Wow Air in Europe, Avianca Brazil, India’s Jet Airways and, of course, Thomas Cook. And the general backdrop of continued trade tensions hit demand while creeping fuel, labour and ...

  • Safety Regulation (2) c Michael Reynolds_EPA-EFE_Shutterstock
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    Max crashes prompt regulatory review


    Like flashing Master Warning lights on a flight instrument panel, the Boeing 737 Max fatal crashes in the past two years have signalled that an airworthiness certification oversight system that served the world’s most powerful aviation industry well for decades is no longer coping – and needs updating. Meanwhile, ...

  • Hypersonics China (2) c Ng Han Guan_AP_Shutterstock
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    Hypersonic arms race accelerates


    The USA is hurrying to catch up with China and Russia, which could field an operational hypersonic boost-glide vehicle capable of carrying a nuclear weapon as soon as 2020. That urgency has prompted the US Department of Defense (DoD) to spend $2.6 billion on hypersonic weapons research as part of ...

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    Gremlins in the works


    Development of low-cost attritable aircraft could accelerate in 2020 with the US Congress eyeing at least $100 million in its upcoming budget for the new type of aircraft and the US Air Force (USAF) planning several new experiments. Attritable aircraft are unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) designed with limited lifetimes, that ...

  • Helicopters - AW139s c Leonardo
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    Still struggling to generate lift


    On any forecast, the easy way out is to predict a curate’s egg of a year: some bits good and some bits bad. But when dealing with the helicopter industry it is probably an accurate representation of a sector that has not yet fully recovered from a downturn that has ...

  • F-35 (2) c Giuseppe Lami_EPA-EFE_Shutterstock
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    Lightning edges closer to striking gold


    Will 2020 be the year the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II crosses the finish line? Despite a falling price tag and eight years of continuous aircraft deliveries, the F-35 has struggled to emerge from its engineering, manufacturing and development stage. The US Department of Defense (DoD) announced in October ...

  • Embraer - E190-E2 c Ian Langsdon_EPA_Shutterstock
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    Embraer eyes exit from anti-trust limbo


    Brazil’s Embraer ended 2019 facing some big tasks in 2020. With the first two members of its new three-aircraft E2 series of commercial aircraft performing well so far and the other in flight-testing, the regional jet manufacturer is anxiously awaiting regulatory approval to split off its commercial aircraft division and ...

  • Airbus c Airbus
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    Tackling production issues vital for Airbus to face off competition


    Airbus turns 50 years old – again – in 2020. While the European airframer chose to celebrate its half-century in 2019, using the partnership agreement signed in 1969 as a starting point, the official formation of the company took place in December 1970. Whether Airbus will be in the ...

  • Bombardier c Toms Kalnins_EPA-EFE_Shutterstock
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    Bombardier realises its transition with CRJ sale


    If all goes to plan, 2020 will go down as the year Bombardier ends a 34-year sojourn in commercial aviation. The company expects to sell its CRJ programme to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2020, handing the last portion of a once mighty regional portfolio to the parent of the company ...