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  • Pan Am test B747-c-Boeing
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    From the archive: Boeing 747 flight test


    As the new Boeing 747 was making its debut in early 1970, Flight International’s test pilot, Captain R E Gillman, was given the opportunity to try out the behemoth in the air. This is an edited version of that article, originally published on 12 March 1970

  • NEW dc-10-in-flight-c-FG archive+McDonnell Douglas-resized
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    How widebodies caused a revolution in aviation


    Air transport entered a new era half a century ago when airframers created a step-change in size and capacity with the first generation of twin-aisles, of which the Boeing 747 was only the first. 9,683 The number of widebody airliners delivered globally, according to Cirium fleets data 1,638 Total ...

  • Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
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    Why 1970 fundamentally redefined air transport


    However you look at it, 1970 was an epoch-making year for commercial aviation. The revolution in aircraft design heralded in that year would be the springboard for the airline industry to accelerate capacity growth in a way it could only dream about previously.

  • A300B1 first flight
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    Five decades of widebody deliveries and development


    Since Boeing handed the first 747-100 (N733PA) to Pan Am at its Everett plant near Seattle on 12 December 1969, the world’s manufacturers have delivered almost 9,700 more widebodies to airlines, governments, air forces – and even some wealthy individuals.

  • Aeroflot Il-86
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    How Soviets decided four was the magic number


    Call it an air transport anachronism, but just as four-engined airliners are slipping, perhaps prematurely, into the realms of nostalgia, Russian airframer VASO is assembling a new widebody quadjet, the Ilyushin Il-96-400M, at its facility in Voronezh.

  • F-15EX pair
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    Can Boeing score 60-year production run with rejuvenated F-15?


    With its contract to deliver a first batch of EX-version fighters to the US Air Force, Boeing can now target further international F-15 sales, and a delivery run potentially spanning 60 years.

  • F-16V for Bahrain
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    Export deals to keep F-16 fighting fit


    In common with Boeing’s F-15, US industry’s other similar-aged fighter – the Lockheed Martin F-16 – also has enjoyed a recent orders revival, just as it had appeared to be potentially nearing a production end. Lockheed’s firm order backlog for the single-engined type stood at a combined 38 aircraft ...

  • Amsterdam-Schiphol-airport
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    Airports face long wait for air traffic return


    Whilst the crisis facing airlines has dominated most of the headlines since the collapse of air transport demand from the global pandemic, the symbiotic nature of their relationship means airports are facing their own financial pressures from the slump in passenger numbers.

  • Antonov An-70
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    China-backed Skyrizon and local partner up pressure for Motor Sich acquisition


    China-backed firm Skyrizon is making a renewed push in its long-running effort to acquire Ukrainian aircraft engine manufacturer Motor Sich, with vocal support from a new local partner.

  • Parked-c-Mary416_Shutterstock
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    How close is Hong Kong to setting up travel bubbles?


    Proposed travel bubbles have offered a ray of hope for restless Hong Kong denizens grounded for months in a densely populated city, but these have proven more complicated for the government to arrange than it initially seemed. An annual jaunt to Taiwan or Japan is de rigueur for many ...

  • UAE F-16s
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    How Lockheed Martin plans to speed up sales with commoditised F-16


    The jet is already the most popular combat aircraft in the world, with 2,280 examples in service at the end of 2019. Yet, Lockheed Martin believes it can sell even more – faster – with the help of a new base model configuration.

  • United Airlines 777-300ER
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    United to expand October schedule to 40% of normal


    United Airlines says it is expanding its October schedule to about 40% of normal, adding domestic and international destinations in order to try to profit from customers’ pent-up demand after months of shelter-in-place.

  • Recovery-tracker-Sept
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    Airline coronavirus recovery tracker: September 2020 update


    Our regular examination of the latest global data for several key airline market indicators, including traffic and capacity in passenger and cargo markets, airport passenger throughput, in-service and stored fleets, jet fuel costs, and share price trends for the world’s largest groups.

  • Honeywell UV Cabin System c Honeywell
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    How coronavirus crisis is changing requirements for aircraft interiors


    The pandemic has devastated the interiors market, but customer demands for cleaner, coronavirus-safe seats and surroundings could provide a boost for the troubled sector, helping restore passenger confidence. Some of the changes could even outlive the crisis

  • Chengdu J-10B
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    Beijing continues progress with fighters and support aircraft: Pentagon


    Beijing continues to make strides with its fighter fleet, as well as with key enabling capabilities such as airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) and air-to-air refuelling.

  • 1-us-air-power-c-us-air-force
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    US Air Force special report: Preparing for the high-end fight


    Ahead of the Air Force Association’s virtual Air, Space & Cyber Conference running from 14-16 September, FlightGlobal has put together a package of articles about important issues in the US Air Force.

  • YYC_1Sept
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    WestJet passes Nav Canada fee increases to customers


    Nav Canada, the Canadian provider of civil air navigation services, has increased its fees for air traffic control services by almost 30%, prompting the country’s second largest carrier to pass those fees on to its customers.

  • Envoy CRJ700 flight deck. American Eagle. Source Envoy
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    US pilots and cabin crew brace for furloughs: a look at the numbers


    US passenger airlines are preparing to shed up to 100,000 jobs in the coming weeks unless Congress steps in to extend the financial relief that kept workers employed until now.

  • Jaunt - BAE Systems 082220
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    BAE prepares to roll out new flight-control and energy-management systems


    BAE Systems is developing a new class of flight-control and energy-management systems for the burgeoning hybrid-electric and all-electric aircraft segments.

  • Copa 737 Max 9
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    Latin American aviation’s coronavirus slumber far from over


    As the global aviation industry gets used to the idea that a rebound may take three years, the sector in Latin America is looking at a particularly difficult recovery, as airlines report staggering losses, borders remain closed and governments continue withholding aid.