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  • Air China 737 Max title-c-Boeing

    China's CAAC yet to approve test flights for 737 Max return-to-service


    China’s civil aviation regulator is discussing with Boeing a restoration plan for 737 Max services, but is yet to be satisfied to the extent necessary to advance the type’s return to operation. The Civil Aviation Administration of China’s deputy director, Dong Zhiyi, disclosed the state of progress during a ...

  • AvHerald747

    SIA Cargo 747-400F suffers puncture damage near undercarriage


    A Singapore Airlines freighter has completed repairs in Brussels after punctures were discovered near the aircraft’s undercarriage.

  • AA 757-c-Max Kingsley-Jones

    Crew alarmed by speed decay before American 757 abruptly pitched down


    Investigators probing an abrupt manoeuvre by an American Airlines Boeing 757-200 have indicated that the crew suddenly pitched the aircraft nose-down after realising the airspeed had unexpectedly bled away. The aircraft had been approaching New York JFK on 6 September 2018, following a service from Edinburgh. As the ...

  • A320 off runway title-c-CENIPA

    A320 landed off-runway at Rio after drifting far from centreline


    Pilots of an Avianca Brasil Airbus A320 did not execute a go-around despite the aircraft’s drifting off the runway axis during approach to Rio de Janeiro, and subsequently landing far to the right and travelling onto rough ground. Although the crew – arriving from Salvador on 3 March 2019 ...

  • LAM 737 excursion-c-via Twitter

    LAM 737-700 involved in Mozambique landing excursion


    One of African carrier Linhas Aereas de Mocambique’s Boeing 737-700s has suffered a runway excursion during landing at Quelimane airport. LAM says the aircraft was operating the domestic flight TM1134 from Maputo on 26 February. The aircraft involved (C9-BAR) came to rest on rough grassy ground after arriving ...

  • UA328-c-NTSB

    Prior United 777 blade-out might give clues to UA328 engine structure loss


    While US investigators disagree with the immediate impression that the recent United Airlines Boeing 777-200 engine incident was one of uncontained failure, the extent of the damage to the powerplant was nonetheless catastrophic. Uncontained failure is defined as the inability of the engine casing to prevent high-energy rotating parts, ...

  • Ryanair-c-Aeroprints com Creative Commons

    Three landing jets ‘narrowly’ missed stepladder left on Birmingham runway


    UK investigators have disclosed that three aircraft landing at Birmingham airport in darkness narrowly missed a large ladder which had fallen from a maintenance vehicle in the touchdown zone of runway 33. The A-frame ladder, about 2.2m in length, had fallen from a pick-up truck, probably during a sudden ...

  • A321XLR

    A321XLR's rear fuel tank demands special fire-protection conditions


    Airbus’s A321XLR will be subject to special conditions proposed for the aircraft’s integrated rear centre tank, intended to ensure adequate protection from fire. The large 12,900-litre centre tank, located in the aft hold of the twinjet, will contain the fuel necessary for the aircraft to achieve its extended range. ...

  • Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER

    South Korea grounds PW4000-powered 777s


    South Korea has temporarily banned all operations of Pratt & Whitney PW4000-powered Boeing 777 aircraft within its airspace.

  • Max 9 in flight

    DOT raises concern about FAA’s self-certification oversight


    The US Department of Transportation’s top inspector has doubts that the Federal Aviation Administration, as currently structured, can identify risks within its Organisation Designation Authorization (ODA) programme.

  • United 777-200 United. Max KJ

    P&W to perform 777 PW4000 fan blade checks required by FAA


    Pratt & Whitney will perform the PW4000 thermal acoustic imaging (TAI) inspections required under the Federal Aviation Administration’s recent emergency airworthiness directive (AD).

  • QantasLink Q400-Alec Wilson Creative Commons

    Incorrectly-set radio preceded serious Q400 runway incursion


    Regional operator QantasLink has reviewed procedures at non-controlled airports to improve communication, after a Bombardier Q400 entered and taxied along an active runway, forcing a landing light aircraft to execute a go-around. Investigators found the Q400 crew had been under time and workload pressure before the departure from Gladstone ...

  • 50970654253_58989d1399_4k

    FAA issues emergency airworthiness directive for PW4000


    The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring US operators to immediately conduct thermal-imaging inspections of fan blades on certain Pratt & Whitney engines after the recent PW4077 failure on a United Airlines flight.

  • United 777-200 United. Max KJ

    Small part of 777 fleet affected by PW4000 restrictions


    Regulatory action mandated by international civil aviation authorities after the 20 February failure of a Pratt & Whitney PW4000 on a United Airlines Boeing 777 affect a relatively small proportion of the 777 fleet.

  • PAL-V Liberty-c-PAL-V

    EASA shapes certification basis for Liberty ‘flying car’ gyroplane


    European safety authorities have finalised a certification basis for a convertible roadworthy rotorcraft, the PAL-V Liberty gyroplane, enabling its developer to accelerate compliance demonstration. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency says the certification specifications for rotorcraft are aimed primarily at helicopters and are “not fully adequate” to prescribe a ...

  • 50970664463_4c0f5ecab7_4k

    NTSB says United engine failure caused by metal fatigue


    After a preliminary onsite exam, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says the engine failure on a United Airlines aircraft on 20 February was likely caused by metal fatigue.

  • TWA 800 wreckage-c-NTSB

    After 25 years, NTSB to dismantle TWA 800 reconstruction


    he National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will soon dismantle the skeletal reconstruction of Trans World Airlines flight 800, the Boeing 747-100 that exploded over the Atlantic Ocean nearly 25 years ago.

  • PW4000-112-c-P&W

    UK bans operations with PW4000-powered 777s


    UK regulators have imposed a ban on operating Boeing 777s fitted with Pratt Whitney PW4000-112 engines until protective action is carried out, following the powerplant failure on a United Airlines 777-200 over Denver. The UK Civil Aviation Authority says it is taking the “precautionary measure” until “appropriate ...

  • Bell 505 in flight-c-Bell

    Urgent checks ordered on Bell 505 collectives after pre-flight fracture


    Operators of Bell 505 helicopters are being ordered urgently to inspect collective sticks on the type for cracks, after an incident in which the assembly fractured on an aircraft during pre-flight checks. Collective sticks are mounted to the left of each pilot’s seat and control the pitch of the ...

  • United Airlines Star Alliance Boeing 777-200ER 2019

    FAA orders emergency PW4000 inspections as airlines ground 777s


    The US Federal Aviation Administration is ordering emergency inspections of some Pratt & Whitney PW4000-powered Boeing 777-200s in response to a 20 February in-flight uncontained engine failure.