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  • Pegasus 737 crash Istanbul

    How did airline safety rank in extraordinary 2020?


    With a dozen fatal airline accidents reported during 12 months of operations that were severely disrupted by Covid-19, how did aviation’s safety record for 2020 stack up against previous years?

  • shutterstock_3576037

    Industry groups urge US government to reject domestic testing requirement


    A coalition of travel industry lobby groups and unions is urging the new US administration to reject a coronavirus testing mandate for domestic air travel similar to the one that was introduced for international arrivals earlier this week.

  • AA CRJ900 DFW

    PSA returns CRJs to service after inspections


    Regional carrier PSA Airlines is again flying its MHIRJ CRJ jets after having grounded the aircraft for mandatory inspections, PSA parent American Airlines says.

  • Air Canada_A220-300-9

    Canada suspends all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean


    Canadian airlines will suspend all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean for the next three months as the country imposes even stricter measures to stem the spread of new variants of the coronavirus.

  • 737 Max 8-c-Boeing

    New Spanish facility of BAA Training to offer 737 Max simulators


    Pilot-training organisation BAA Training is intending to introduce Boeing 737 Max simulation devices at its Spanish facility over the course of this year. The company says the Barcelona centre will be introducing a Max full-flight simulator in April, and complement this with a flight-training device in the fourth quarter. ...

  • Ju 52 wreck-c-SUST

    Crashed Ju 52 was poorly-maintained and not airworthy: inquiry


    Swiss investigators have determined that a Junkers Ju 52 was not fit to fly, having been poorly maintained, before it spiralled into the ground after stalling during a sightseeing flight in the Alps. But the inquiry believes that – despite being “not airworthy in a physical or formal sense” ...

  • Chicago O'Hare airport 082520. Pilar Wolfsteller-2

    US airlines blast possible Covid-19 test requirement for domestic travellers


    Requiring Covid-19 tests for US domestic air passengers would be unnecessary, complex and impractical – or as one Southwest Airlines executive puts it, “a real goat rodeo”.

  • Ju 52 dive-c-SUST

    Ju 52 fatal crash probe uncovers atrocious catalogue of safety violations


    Swiss investigators have concluded, in a damning inquiry, that a Junkers Ju 52 on a pleasure flight stalled after the crew flew it into a narrow valley at low altitude, at a dangerously low airspeed and with its centre-of-gravity out of limits. The crew intended to exit the valley ...

  • 737 Max-c-Boeing

    Controlling out-of-trim 737 Max will not require ‘exceptional’ strength


    Critical to pilots’ acceptance of the Boeing 737 Max’s re-entry into service is the assurance that a serious out-of-trim situation can be easily resolved without the risk of manual controls becoming impossible to manipulate owing to aerodynamic forces. Not only will aircraft need to be modified but Max simulators ...

  • Simferopol airport

    Ukraine seeks to ban overflights by Pobeda and other Russian carriers


    Ukraine’s government has approved a proposal to sanction 13 Russian companies, including several airlines which will face a three-year ban on overflying Ukrainian territory. The measure is continuing evidence of the political tensions between the two countries whose relationship deteriorated after the Russian annexation of Crimea nearly seven years ...

  • TUI UK 737 Max-c-TUI

    UK regulator clears 737 Max for flight


    UK regulators have, as expected, approved the Boeing 737 Max for return to service, publishing a separate airworthiness directive to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. This separate publication follows the UK’s exit from EASA membership as it completed its withdrawal from the European Union on 1 January. ...

  • 737 max 10-c-Boeing

    Boeing 737-10 processes to undergo revision after EASA’s Max scrutiny


    One crucial consequence of the Boeing 737 Max scrutiny is that development and certification work for the 737-10 will differ substantially from that of the earlier Max variants. Extensive analysis by the US FAA and European Union Aviation Safety Agency following the Max grounding two years ago has led ...

  • 737 Max

    EASA yet to approve 737 Max for certain precision approaches


    Operators of the Boeing 737 Max in Europe will be prohibited from conducting certain precision approaches until regulators are satisfied that the aircraft can maintain the necessary performance under specific failure conditions. While the European Union Aviation Safety Agency has cleared the 737 Max to return to service, it ...

  • 737 Max

    EASA formally clears 737 Max to resume operations


    Europe’s air safety authority has formally cleared the Boeing 737 Max to return to service with the publishing of a finalised airworthiness directive. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency published the document on 27 January, following a consultation period which closed on 22 December last year. EASA executive ...

  • E-11A flying-c-USAF

    Haste appears pivotal to E-11A crash pilots’ engine misidentification


    Military investigators have signalled that haste was a contributing element to a Bombardier E-11A crew’s incorrectly identifying a failed engine and, in response, mistakenly shutting down the functioning one. The E-11A, a US Air Force (USAF) version of the Global 6000 executive jet, crashed some 21nm (39km) short of ...

  • Brussels Airlines

    US extends entry ban for most European nations and Brazil


    The US government has extended an entry ban preventing travellers from Europe’s Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Brazil from entering the country in a further attempt to slow the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus, and its even more virulent mutations.

  • American 737 Max-c-American Airlines

    How trust strained by the DC-10 fractured with the 737 Max


    As the domino-chain grounding of the Boeing 737 Max and its gradual patchwork rehabilitation have revealed, unanimous agreement that air safety is paramount does not necessarily translate into a harmonised approach to delivering it. When the European Union Aviation Safety Agency grounded the Max in March 2019, the US ...

  • E-11A Bacn

    Shutdown of good engine caused USAF E-11A crash


    A US Air Force (USAF) crew shut down their only good engine prior to the fatal crash of a Bombardier E-11A communications aircraft in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province.

  • ATR incident runway lights-c-BFU

    ATR 72 damaged after distracted crew lined up with runway edge lights


    German investigators have determined that the crew of an ATR 72-200 freighter were distracted while turning for take-off from Cologne, and inadvertently lined up with the left-hand runway edge lights. As the ATR accelerated along the runway it struck several of these lights, inflicting damage to the airframe in ...

  • Covid testing

    US travel industry pushes back on potential quarantine


    The US air transport and travel industries are pushing back on a potential quarantine requirement for international travellers arriving in the US, currently being weighed by the administration of President Joe Biden, in order to stem the spread of the coronavirus.