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  • An-124-c-Volga-Dnepr

    Volga-Dnepr starts restoring An-124 fleet to operation


    Russian outsize freight specialist Volga-Dnepr is resuming commercial operations with its Antonov An-124 fleet, a month after suspending use of the type. The operator temporarily withdrew the cargo transporter from service after the 13 November accident at Novosibirsk in which one of its An-124-100s suffered an uncontained engine failure ...

  • GooglesWing_Canberra

    FAA publishes new rules on drone operations


    The Federal Aviation Administration has published two new rules for drone operations that it says will increase safety in the fastest-growing sector of the aviation industry today. 

  • Air Canada Boeing 737 Max 8

    Air Canada Boeing 737 Max suffers engine issue on ferry flight


    Air Canada says that one of its reactivated Boeing 737 Max experienced an engine issue during a repositioning flight, bringing renewed scrutiny to the beleaguered type just weeks after it was re-certificated following a 20-month grounding.

  • United Dreamliner

    United to require negative covid test for US-bound passengers from the UK


    United Airlines will begin requiring US-bound passengers from the UK to show proof of a negative coronavirus test result as a more virulent strain of the virus continues to tear across southern England.

  • engine cutaway

    EASA embarks on comprehensive project to examine cabin-air toxicity risk


    Europe’s air safety authority is initiating a project intended to address concerns about cabin air contamination, which will characterise chemical compounds entering the environmental control system from engine oil leakage or dislodged deposits. The three-year project – being put out to tender by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency ...

  • Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-400ER 2020

    Delta, Virgin join British Airways in testing passengers from UK


    Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways will join British Airways in implementing pre-departure Covid-19 testing for passengers booked on flights from the United Kingdom to the United States. 

  • PK-LGP Boeing 737-900ER TKG 21 Des 4

    Lion Air 737 in runway excursion after landing


    A Lion Air Boeing 737-900ER suffered a runway excursion after landing during a heavy rainstorm at Lampung airport.

  • WestJet Dreamliner 2

    Canada and other countries bar flights from UK as virus fears spike


    Canadian regulators have prohibited the operation of commercial passenger flights from the UK to Canada – a move coming after the UK announced it identified a new, faster-spreading strain of the Covid-19 virus. Several other countries, including France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and The Netherlands, have also banned flights from ...

  • 737 Max 9-c-Boeing

    Senate probe: 737 Max test pilots ‘coached’ to fit assumptions on MCAS reaction time


    US Senate committee investigators believe Boeing and the US FAA tried to re-affirm controversial assumptions over pilot response times during 737 Max recertification, by pre-determining the outcome of tests on crew reactions to a runaway stabiliser. The Senate committee on commerce, science and transportation has found that Boeing “inappropriately ...

  • Cockpit at night-c-Unsplash Felipe Echeverri

    UK pilots seek post-Brexit rethink of flight-duty limitations


    UK cockpit representatives are intending to press for a rethink on flight-duty times for pilots once the UK withdraws completely from the European Union. Flight-duty regulations were established by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. After the UK left the EU on 31 January, and entered a transition period, ...

  • pilots-c-matus-duda_shutterstock

    FAA clears pilots to receive Pfizer vaccine


    The Federal Aviation Administration is allowing pilots to receive Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, so long as they wait 48h before returning to the cockpit.

  • Tamarack CJ1

    Tamarack calls attention to factors contributing to a 2019 Cessna CJ1+ incident


    Winglet maker Tamarack Aerospace is stressing that several factors other than erroneous deployment of a control surface contributed to a 2019 incident involving a Cessna Citation CJ1+.

  • First Air ATR

    Probe traces ATR terrain alert to wrong airport's weather data


    Canadian investigators have traced an unexpected ground-proximity warning on a domestically-operated ATR 42-300 to an altimeter setting error triggered by an incorrect weather-data transmission. The First Air aircraft (C-GSRR) had been operating a service from Iqaluit to Pangnirtung on 9 December, according to Transportation Safety Board of Canada. ...

  • Virgin Australia

    Virgin Australia ATR 72 in 2019 runway incursion at Canberra


    Investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) have urged flight crew to familiarise themselves with the varying layouts of airports, especially those with unique designs, and ensure “effective flight crew coordination is employed”. 

  • pilots-c-shutterstock

    Pilots urge FAA to fast-track approval of Covid-19 vaccine for flight crew


    A top US pilot union wants to ensure pilots can get jabbed with the Covid-19 vaccine – and not lose their medical certificates. 

  • PIA 777 title-c-PIA Azffar Al Naser

    European safety authority yet to rescind ban on PIA services


    European safety regulators have refused to lift an operational ban on Pakistan International Airlines imposed at the end of June. While the airline does not feature on the European Commission’s blacklist of banned carriers – which was revised on 2 December – it has not been reinstated on the ...

  • EU aircraft

    Commission draws up emergency measures to maintain UK-EU air transport


    European Commission regulators are preparing contingency measures for air transport in the increasingly-likely event of the UK’s failing to reach an agreement on a future relationship with the remaining European Union member states. While the UK formally left the EU earlier this year, a transition period – during which ...

  • CessnaCJ1-c-Hangar67

    Cessna CJ1+ rolled 75° left after Tamarack Atlas failure


    UK investigators have detailed the terrifying moment the pilot of a Cessna Citation CJ1+ fought to control the aircraft after a Tamarack active winglet malfunctioned in flight and caused the jet to roll left at a bank angle of 75°. In the wake of the 13 April 2019 incident ...

  • JAL 777-200 engine failure

    JAL 777-200 engine loses panel, suffers blade damage after takeoff


    Japanese authorities are investigating a significant engine failure aboard a Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200, which involved the loss of large panel and fan blade damage.

  • Russia ATM-c-State ATM Corporation

    Extensive restructuring takes effect in western Russian airspace


    Russian air navigation services have completed a transition to a new airspace structure in the Moscow zone, an extensive re-organisation which affects much of the European area of the country. The switch to the new structure took place at 03:00 Moscow time on 3 December. Federal air transport ...