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  • Tim Peake training in Star City c ESA

    Tim Peake displays the 'Right Stuff' for astronauts in 2015


    When Tim Peake blasts off for the International Space Station on 15 December, the first British astronaut since Helen Sharman in 1991 will be flying more flags than just the Union Jack. Aviators of all nations will see, roaring to orbit, affirmation of their very own version of the "Right ...

  • Hope Mars mission leaving Earth 640c Mohammed bin

    ANALYSIS: UAE sets sights on Mars


    For a growing number of developing countries looking to bolster their scientific and educational base and deliver an increasingly powerful array of services on the ground, there is no substitute for looking to space. Not surprisingly, the UAE is one among this number – but the Gulf country set its ...

  • Dream Chaser

    ANALYSIS: Dream Chaser spaceplane not just wishful thinking


    When NASA chose seven-seat capsule concepts from Boeing and SpaceX for full development funding in 2015 – in its bid to restore a US manned spaceflight capability lost with the 2011 retirement of the Space Shuttle fleet – it looked like the end of the runway for the Dream Chaser, ...

  • News

    Airbus names outsider to lead defence and space business


    Airbus has named Siemens executive Dirk Hoke to succeed Bernhard Gerwert as chief executive of Airbus Defence and Space next year, reaching outside the company to succeed a 36-year veteran of the company.

  • SpaceShipTwo

    ANALYSIS: One year on, Virgin Galactic forging ahead with SpaceShipTwo endeavour


    One year ago this month, Virgin Galactic’s pursuit of suborbital space tourism was put in jeopardy when its Scaled Composites-built SpaceShipTwo broke apart over the Mojave Desert just 13 seconds into its fourth powered flight.

  • SpaceShipTwo

    Virgin Galactic’s new SpaceShipTwo approaching maiden flight


    LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – Construction of Virgin Galactic’s second SpaceShipTwo is progressing quickly but cautiously with technicians fitting the main oxidiser tank into the suborbital spaceplane in preparation for its maiden flight, which is expected “soon”.

  • Blue Origin

    Blue Origin waiting on New Shepard tests before selling tickets


    ​Space tourists could be waiting up to two years to purchase tickets to ride Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital space capsule, with the company saying it wants to get much further through flight testing before offering its zero-gravity experience.

  • SNC

    Sierra Nevada touts Dream Chaser as X-37B alternative


    Sierra Nevada Corporation believes its Dream Chaser could be a viable alternative to the Boeing X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle for long-duration, recoverable experimentation in space.

  • News

    SNC's updated Dream Chaser to resume flight tests


    Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser could resume flight testing in early 2016 following the repair and upgrade of the first engineering test asset that crash-landed in October 2013.

  • XCOR Lynx,

    Spaceport Colorado submitting FAA license application this month


    LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO – Spaceport Colorado intends to submit its application for a commercial spaceport license by the end of the month with the aim of securing approval in the second quarter of 2016, says air and spaceport director David Ruppel.


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  • GLL-AP-02

    MAKS: Russia’s hypersonic scramjet experiment could fly by 2019


    Russia’s Gromov Flight Research Institute (LII) expects its latest GLL-AP-02 hypersonic scramjet test vehicle to fly in “three or four years,” with officials telling Flightglobal that funding constraints and technical issues have slowed progress.

  • SpaceLiner

    MAKS: Germany’s hypersonic SpaceLiner concept solidifies


    Ten years after the project was conceived, the German Aerospace Centre’s SpaceLiner could soon enter a new design phase with a “mission definition review” planned for 2016.

  • Falcon 9 note landing legs c SPACEX

    Silicon Valley launches itself into space


    ​With Airbus cozying up to Silicon Valley and Facebook unveiling a high-altitude UAV designed to take the internet to where no wire has gone before, Flightglobal surveys the aerospace ambitions of tech world titans.

  • SpaceShipTwo

    NTSB traces SpaceShipTwo crash to preventable error


    ​A co-pilot’s fatal mistake that led to the break-up of SpaceShipTwo represented a single-point failure that could have been addressed long before the crash last October, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said on 28 July.

  • pluto and charon c REX

    PLUTO FLYBY: A young person's view on the mission


    ​If anyone wonders why NASA sends spacecraft to the end of the solar system, they should ask a young person – which is what we did.

  • pluto nasa rex

    PLUTO FLYBY: What wonders, what good value


    ‘Tis a long list of wonders, this week’s close encounter with Pluto.

  • LauncherOne

    Virgin Galactic wins first satellite launch contract


    ​Virgin Galactic's bid to enter the rocket launching business got a boost today with its first contract for 39 flights of its LauncherOne system, starting as early as 2017.

  • 67P by Rosetta c ESA

    Rosetta mission boost as comet lander wakes up


    ​The European Space Agency's Rosetta comet-chasing mission has taken another dramatic turn with the awakening after seven months of hibernation of the lander it sent down to the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko – which had operated for just 60hr before running out of power.

  • Virts, Shkaplerov, Cristoforetti c ESA

    Italy's Cristoforetti sets space endurance records


    A month later than planned, Samantha Cristoforetti (of Italy), Anton Shkaplerov (Russia) and Terry Virts (USA; pictured right to left) returned safely to Kazakhstan on 11 June, following a 3h ride from the International Space Station in their Soyuz capsule (pictured prior to undocking).