10 tips to boost your presence at Farnborough air show

10 tips to boost your presence at Farnborough air show

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With Farnborough Airshow just around the corner, we thought we’d share our top 10 tips from some of the best event campaigns we’ve seen so you can make the most of the world’s largest airshow.

1. Keep it simple

We all know shows are busy and there is so much to do and see. Making sure your campaign is clear and consistent is essential to being memorable. Decide on your key message, and stick to it.

2. Tell a story

Look at having a theme, with different advertisements running throughout the show. Some of the best campaigns we saw in the FlightGlobal daily magazines took the opportunity to tell a story across these issues. An example of this could be:

  • Day 1 - piquing interest in a new product
  • Day 2 - pointing people to a live demo on a stand
  • Day 3 - encouraging potential customers to get in touch and book a meeting

3. Don’t forget digital

Combine advertising and marketing activity across different media. Not every event attendee will pick up a copy of a magazine; some may be checking out news from the event on websites, in a video, on social media, to their inboxes. So make the most of these different channels, and make sure your brand gets seen.

4. Don’t forget non-attendees

Dubai Airshow saw nearly 80,000 people over the five-day show, which is great, but what about all those other thousands of people within the industry that didn’t come to the event? With various digital tools available – such as those listed above, you can reach more of the market than just those at the show.

5. Make sure your ads aren’t about you

The best campaigns and individual ads don’t talk about the company themselves – they talk about the reader, their problems, their issues. The best messaging gives readers the 'so what?' factor – showing (in a very simple way) why they should give you and your products their time.

6. Make it relevant

If you want your target audience to come and meet you, to view a new product, etc., then make sure you make it clear in your ads where people can find you at the show!

7. Keep in touch

Our journalists are always busy at the show, covering the latest updates and developments throughout the industry, keep in touch with all the news and analysis on our dedicated event page. Our editors review all incoming stories to choose pieces for the show dailies and flightglobal.com.

8. Think pre, during and post

There’s always a buzz about a show. While the attendees gear up to the show and digest everything afterward, they’re reading more news, visiting more websites, and getting more engaged on social media. The show is more than just the event itself – it’s the build-up, and it’s the winding down – so why wouldn’t you make the most of this?

9. Know your measurements

We don’t mean physical advertisement specifications and measurements, we mean your objectives and your goals. What does success look like for this campaign? Deciding up front what do you want to get out of this will help you in designing your campaign activities, messaging and creative. While the campaign is running, it’s important to check in on progress – how is it performing? Are there any changes you can make to improve it?

10. Plan in advance

Get the ball rolling now. The sooner you can decide what you want to achieve, the sooner you can plan your campaign activities around this. The FlightGlobal advertising team can work with you to design the best campaign to meet your goals, utilizing the various tools available, including the FlightGlobal website, the daily magazines, Flight International or Flight Airline Business magazines, newsletters and more.

Are you planning to get your brand noticed during (or before or after!) this show? We can work with you to plan your campaign – using our existing platforms or getting more creative.