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    Czech Republic signs up to NATO tanker effort


    The Czech Republic has become the sixth country to join NATO’s multinational tanker fleet following the signature of a memorandum of understanding in Brussels on 24 October.

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    Czech Republic picks Bell for Mi-24 replacement


    ​The Czech Republic intends to acquire a dozen aircraft from Bell – eight transports and four attack helicopters – as part of a fleet modernisation worth Kc14.5 billion ($0.6 billion).

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    American Airlines to begin Africa service in 2020


    American Airlines will begin a nonstop seasonal service to Moroccan city Casablanca on 4 June 2020, marking the US major's first entry into the African market.

  • L-39NG vibration test - Aero Vodochody

    Aero Vodochody shifts L-39NG certification plan


    ​Aero Vodochody has transformed its certification plan for the L-39NG, and is now seeking to clear the type for delivery in a full trainer configuration during the third quarter of 2020. It had previously been working towards securing approval for a basic standard before the end of this year.

  • AH-1Z - Bell

    Prague weighs Mi-24 replacement options


    The US Department of State has given its approval to potential deals that could equip the Czech Republic with Bell UH-1Y/AH-1Z or Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters.

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    Aero Vodochody chief Giordo to depart


    ​Aero Vodochody is parting company with chief executive Giuseppe Giordo, who led a three-year restructuring effort during which the Czech airframer introduced the revamped L-39NG jet trainer, and restarted limited production of its flagship L-159 light attack fighter.

  • L 39NG 54 640 c Aero Vodochody

    ANALYSIS: How Aero Vodochody recharged the L-39


    Most of the pilots who honed their combat skills in the Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros single-engined jet trainer were defending the Soviet empire. The 21st century-born aviators who fly its successor – the L-39NG – will only know of the Cold War from history books.

  • L-39NG - Aero Vodochody

    PICTURE: Aero Vodochody rolls out first L-39NG


    ​Aero Vodochody rolled out its first L-39NG jet trainer on 12 October, four years after the Prague-based company announced that it was to launch a new-generation version of its single-engined design.

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    FARNBOROUGH: Aero Vodochody unveils F/A-259 for OA-X bid


    ​Aero Vodochody appears to have rebranded a new version of the L-159 advanced jet trainer as the F/A-259 Striker as it makes a late bid for the US Air Force's OA-X close air support programme.

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    Aero Vodochody and IAI pitch revamped L-159 for OA-X need


    Aero Vodochody and its new partner Israel Aerospace Industries are making a late bid to be selected for the US Air Force’s OA-X close air support programme with an advanced version of the L-159 they say could be ready for delivery from 2020.

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    Aero Vodochody and IAI to collaborate on advanced L-159


    Czech Republic-based Aero Vodochody and Israel Aerospace Industries are to develop and market an advanced version of the former's L-159 trainer and light attack aircraft.

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    ANALYSIS: Aero Vodochody gets back in training with L-39NG


    Half a century since its first flight and almost two decades after production ended, the latest iteration of one of the most ubiquitous Cold War jet trainers is set to take to the skies. Thousands of pilots for Warsaw Pact air forces and other Soviet allies learned their combat aviation ...

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    Czech Republic revisits army helicopter contest


    ​The Czech Republic has halted an acquisition process for new military helicopters to redraw its specifications for the new aircraft.

  • L-39NG first flight

    IAI targets avionics fit on L-39NG


    ​Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is in negotiations with Aero Vodochody over the potential supply of an avionics suite for the Czech Republic airframer's in-development L-39NG trainer.

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    Czech Republic shortlists UH-1Y and AW139 for helicopter acquisition


    ​The Czech Republic has shortlisted bids from Bell Helicopter and Leonardo Helicopters for a 12-unit requirement for multirole rotorcraft.

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    PARIS: Bell closing on military sales to Eastern Europe


    ​Bell Helicopter will this year deliver its military rotorcraft to international customers for the first time in 20 years, which it believes marks its return to the global stage.

  • Armed AW139M - Leonardo

    Leonardo's AW139M targets Czech opportunity


    As the Czech Republic draws closer to releasing a request for proposals (RFP) for a new fleet of multirole rotorcraft, Leonardo says its AW139M is fully compliant with the nation's technical, performance and cost requirements.

  • Iraq L-159 - Beth Stevenson

    Argentina emerges as potential L-159 customer


    Aero Vodochody is in early negotiations to provide its L-159 light-attack aircraft to Argentina, after the company officially re-established its manufacturing of the type following a 13-year production hiatus.

  • L-39NG retrofit prototype - Beth Stevenson

    Czech air force expresses L-39NG interest


    The head of the Czech air force is keen for the service to become the launch customer for Aero Vodochody’s modernised L-39NG trainer.

  • Ae270 - Aero Vodochody

    Aero Vodochody stresses military market focus


    Aero Vodochody has reaffirmed that its primary strategic focus is on the military jet trainer market, one month after UK start-up Aircraft Integrated Solutions announced it was to resurrect development of the Czech manufacturer’s Ae 270 civil light transport.