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    OPINION: Why Europe's independent airframers matter


    Sixteen years after its creation as EADS, and as it goes through yet another revamp to make it stronger and more integrated, Airbus dominates European aerospace – alongside BAE Systems, Dassault and Leonardo, the other three giants this side of the ­Atlantic still making aircraft in the 21st century.

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    OPINION: Will Airbus rebrand end divisions?


    Airbus’s latest corporate iteration appears to mark something of an endgame in its battle against a ­perennial pandering to compromise during its evolution from consortium to company.

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    OPINION: MRJ has certification hurdles ahead


    ​For a while it almost felt like the Mitsubishi Regional Jet would never make it to the USA. It is not often that a flight-test prototype aborts its mission twice in two days, but that was just what happened when Mitsubishi Aircraft attempted to ferry its first flight-test article to ...

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    OPINION: Russian response to MH17 treats public like idiots


    ​You can only imagine investigators’ exasperation at Russia’s schoolyard-level protesting at the probe into the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

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    OPINION: ​The risk of complacency over Brexit


    When the UK voted to leave the European Union in a 23 June referendum, predictions for the country's airlines and airports were not good.

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    OPINION: US pilot shortage is fixable, but it will cost


    ​US airlines think they have a problem. Assuming air travel demand remains steady, the number of fare-paying passengers could soon vastly outnumber the supply of pilots required to carry them.

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    OPINION: Aerospace investment could help South Africa fly


    The dilemma is not unique, but for a country that teeters maddeningly between advanced economy and developing world, South Africa’s is particularly poignant. Under apartheid, an isolated and threatened white regime poured resources into training engineers and developing its own military technologies.

  • Boeing T-X - Boeing

    OPINION: T-X trainer bidders ready for dogfight


    With the unveiling on 13 September in St Louis of the Boeing/Saab trainer, the four-way competition to claim the $10 billion contract to replace the US Air Force’s Northrop T-38C Talon fleet is now set.

  • Emirates 777 crash - Reuters

    OPINION: Why go-arounds may need simplifying post-EK521


    Go-arounds are considered an unexceptional part of day-to-day airline operations, to the point where tabloids treating them as newsworthy dramas can expect to attract a measure of scorn.

  • 747 Ship One - Boeing

    OPINION: What aircraft designers should learn from Joe Sutter


    ​In a 2009 interview with FlightGlobal, the late former Boeing 747 chief engineer, Joe Sutter, cautioned about reliance on computer-assisted design tools in aircraft development. “There should not be an over-emphasis on what computers tell you, because they only tell you what you tell them to tell you,” he said.

  • Trent 1000 787

    OPINION: How East can steer Rolls-Royce through 787 engine trouble


    ​A year into the job, Rolls-Royce boss Warren East’s to-do list shows no signs of shrinking. The engine maker had already braced shareholders for a torrid 2016, due to cyclical pressures and worse-than-expected market conditions, when it emerged that All Nippon Airways is to replace 100 Boeing 787 Trent 1000s ...

  • MC-21 roll-out

    OPINION: Can local industry deliver on Russia's aerospace ambitions?


    ​In a completely rational, market-driven world, ­the make-up of Russia’s aviation industry would no doubt look very different.

  • RJ100 freighter - BAE Systems

    OPINION: Adapted RJ100 is a freight idea


    Once bitten, twice shy, as the popular saying goes. But apparently not so for BAE Systems, which has revealed plans to convert its out-of-production RJ100 for a new role, carrying freight.

  • Airlander 10 - Geoff Robinson Photography/REX/Shut

    OPINION: Can Airlander revive the airship's prospects?


    ​At Flight International we salute innovation. And Hybrid Air Vehicles, the start-up behind the Airlander 10 – which has re-emerged from its hangar after returning to the UK in 2013 – has it in spades.

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    OPINION: How to exit a burning airliner


    You have to wonder what sort of incentive is needed to spur passengers to evacuate a crashed airliner, if a burning wing is not sufficient.

  • A-29 Afghan - US Air Force

    OPINION: Why US Air Force needs a low-cost gun-slinger


    ​Roll the clock back six years to 2010. The US Air Force had just shelved a proposal to stand up a new wing of fighters based on the OA-X, a concept for a propeller-driven, light-attack fighter – reviving the role played by the Vietnam-era Douglas A-1 Skyraider.

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    OPINION: All hands on deck as Toulouse battles A350 backlog


    ​At the halfway point of the year, three-quarters of the 50 A350s which Airbus planned to deliver in 2016 had still to be handed over.

  • A320neo - Airbus

    OPINION: Cracks appear as Airbus, Boeing workloads mount


    ​There is no other way to describe it. The second quarter of 2016 marked a modern low-point in the history of the Airbus and Boeing duopoly.

  • F-35A - Lockheed Martin

    OPINION: Could instability threaten Turkey's F-35 ambitions?


    Turkey’s first Lockheed Martin F-35A is scheduled to be delivered in 2018. So, in roughly a year to 18 months, normal protocol dictates staging a roll-out ceremony inside its assembly hall in Fort Worth, Texas, where US government dignitaries will lavish praise on one of the programme’s earliest supporters and ...

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    OPINION: Ownership change gives SR Technics fresh focus


    Abu Dhabi’s investment fund Mubadala had been trying to sell SR Technics for years. And when a deal was finally disclosed, the buyer’s identity came as no surprise either. China’s HNA Group has closed in on shareholdings in a host of airlines and aviation service businesses, including Swissport and GateGroup.