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  • Germanwings crash

    OPINION: Time to stop Germanwings information anarchy


    ​Intense media interest in an accident like the ­Germanwings crash in the French Alps is understandable – but the way the media and public has been fed with information directly from a grandstanding French judicial prosecutor is not.

  • NetJets Challenger 350

    OPINION: Time to reverse declining private pilot numbers


    ​It is a curious anomaly. At a time when more people than ever are flying as airline passengers, the number flying as private pilots is plummeting. UK Civil Aviation Authority figures show that flying activity at schools and aerodromes has fallen 40% since 2005. The pattern in other mature markets ...

  • Germanwings crash

    OPINION: Aviation must address risk within the cockpit


    ​The Germanwings Airbus A320 loss, it seems, was another deliberate act by a pilot. That statement is not intended to imply that this is becoming commonplace – because that is far from true – but the very fact that there have been several deliberate acts of destruction by pilots, even ...

  • AW109 - AgustaWestland

    OPINION: Has Finmeccanica ditched its 'troubled' tag?


    ​Has Finmeccanica turned the corner? At the risk of tempting fate, all the indicators say it’s time to drop the modifier “troubled” when referring to Italy’s aerospace champion and start talking about profits and growth – and the bold moves they might enable.

  • Dubai airport

    OPINION: Why US protectionism is bad for everyone


    ​The home of the free market has always had an ­ambivalent attitude to foreign competition, from Japanese cars threatening Motor City in the 1970s to cheap imports squeezing farmers. The USA may be a consumer paradise, where ordering a pizza requires a baffling array of choices – but the customer ...

  • Emirates 777 - ATI

    OPINION: Are commercial aviation leaders right to feel optimistic?


    ​Not until the very last panel of the ISTAT conference did someone in the audience ask the one question that had been hovering over the event for two days.

  • Solar Impulse 2

    OPINION: Can Solar Impulse 2 really inspire change?


    ​In this age of intercontinental travel, the setting of aviation records may seem like a throwback to a bygone era. But there remain boundaries to push, and Solar ­Impulse’s bid to set new endurance standards for solar powered, no-fuel flying is impressive and important.

  • H160 pic rear

    OPINION: Can gadget-free H160 be a revolutionary success?


    ​As the curtain dropped behind Airbus Helicopters’ beaming chief executive Guillaume Faury at the Heli-Expo show in Orlando, Florida, it revealed... well, what appears to be just another helicopter.

  • MH370 poster

    OPINION: Why search for MH370 could come to an end


    ​A year after it disappeared, not a trace of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been found. Tantalising but vestigial satellite links with the aircraft have enabled Australian Transport Safety Bureau-led searchers to reach a consensus on where it is worth looking for the Boeing 777’s remains – but ...

  • Opinion

    OPINION: UK SAR transition leaves no room for error


    ​Privatising public services is not a new concept, but selling off a nation’s coastal and inland helicopter search and rescue operation is a bold move.

  • Emirates A380

    OPINION: Challenges and opportunities for airlines in 2015


    The prospect of a visit from Michael O'Leary dressed as Santa Claus may not be everyone's idea of a perfect Christmas. But should the Ryanair boss decide on a yuletide surprise, one or two European legacy airline CEOs might be hoping he gets stuck down the chimney before having the ...

  • Opinion

    Comment: Daydream Believers


    The Boeing 787 should have been in service for more than three years, but after a series of frustrating delays it is only just making its debut.