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  • pd-8-c-uec

    Prototype sections for 'Russified' Superjet's PD-8 engine emerge


    Russia’s United Engine has completed manufacturing work on the primary components of a prototype Aviadvigatel PD-8 powerplant. The PD-8 is a lower-thrust variant of a family which centres on the PD-14 designed for the Irkut MC-21-310. It is intended for eventual use on the Sukhoi Superjet 100 as ...

  • Beluga SAF-c-Airbus

    Airbus extends sustainable-fuel Beluga operations to UK


    Airbus has extended the use of sustainably-fuelled A300-600ST Beluga outsize transports to its UK wing plant at Broughton. It has carried out an initial flight from the UK facility with aicraft F-GSTF – one of five -600STs in the airframer’s logistics fleet, fitted with General Electric CF6 engines – ...

  • Heart ES-19

    EASA draws up initial certification requirements for electric and hybrid engines


    European aviation safety regulators have drawn up an initial set of certification requirements for electric or hybrid propulsion systems for future aircraft types. The in-depth special condition has been shaped from an initial proposal in January last year, following extensive comments from multiple aerospace companies including Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, ...

  • DAX19_DA24

    Dante Aeronautical reveals timeline for electric aircraft development


    Spanish start-up Dante Aeronautical has outlined its plans for the development of electric-powered sub-regional aircraft which should culminate in a clean-sheet 19-seater by the end of the decade.

  • UEC pulse detonation engine-c-Rostec

    United Engine tests ‘spaceplane’ pulse-detonation demonstrator


    Russian powerplant specialist United Engine has carried out initial testing of a pulse-detonation rocket motor which has potential application to orbital spaceplanes or hypersonic aircraft. Pulse-detonation propulsion combusts fuel and oxidizer using detonation waves, with relatively few mechanical moving parts, offering a more efficient thermodynamic cycle than conventional gas ...

  • Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-200 2019

    FAA requires inspections of PW4000 low-pressure turbines


    The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring airlines to inspect and replace “air sealing ring” assemblies within Pratt & Whitney PW4000 low-pressure turbine [LPT] cases.

  • ASCEND powertrain title-c-Airbus

    Airbus explores cryogenic superconducting powertrain for electric thrust


    Airbus has embarked on a programme to build a powertrain demonstrator showing the potential of cryogenically-cooled superconducting materials to reduce weight and improve the efficiency of power conversion for electric propulsion. Electric propulsion prospects have focused on light and regional aircraft because the power demanded for larger, longer-range types ...

  • Fresson-c-CAeS

    Project Fresson changes track in shift to hydrogen fuel cells


    A UK initiative to develop a retrofitable green propulsion system for the Britten-Noman BN-2 Islander has dramatically switched course, abandoning a previous drive towards hybrid-electric power in favour of hydrogen fuel cells.

  • UltraFan-c-Rolls-Royce

    Ground-test UltraFan demonstrator to be ready by year-end


    Rolls-Royce has formally commenced construction of the UltraFan high-bypass engine, with the aim of producing a demonstrator by the end of this year. Work on the first module for the demonstrator, designated UF001, has started at the manufacturer’s facilities in Derby. Its first test run will be carried out ...

  • Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-100

    FAA to stop requiring repeated PW1500G compressor inspections


    Airlines may no longer need to repeatedly inspect low-pressure compressor (LPC) rotors in Pratt & Whitney PW1500G turbofans, which power Airbus A220s.

  • VD An-124-c-Volga-Dnepr

    An-124 operators to conduct disc inspections after November engine failure


    Ukrainian authorities have ordered detailed inspection of the fan discs on Ivchenko-Progress D-18T engines, following the destructive powerplant failure involving an Antonov An-124 last November. The state aviation administration says preliminary investigation results show the fan disc was the “source” of the failure at Novosibirsk, which resulted in multiple ...

  • Swiss A220-100 HB-JBC-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Swiss A220 engine shutdown traced to leak from unmodified oil cooler


    Investigators have determined that a Swiss Airbus A220-100 engine shutdown during climb out of Paris was triggered by a faulty seal leading to a loss of oil pressure. The aircraft (HB-JBC) was en route to Zurich from Paris Charles de Gaulle and climbing through 22,000ft. Swiss investigation authority ...

  • KLM SAF usage
    In depth

    How sustainable fuel will help power aviation’s green revolution

    The pace of sustainable aviation fuel’s development is speeding up as airlines, producers and regulators see it as a critical tool enabling aviation to make progress with cutting its carbon emissions.

  • A320neo Leap engines

    FAA to require inspections of Leap-1A high-pressure turbine cases


    The Federal Aviation Administration is set to require inspections of high-pressure turbines (HPTs) in some CFM International Leap-1A turbofans, which power Airbus A320neo-family jets.

  • E195-E2 title-c-Embraer

    E195-E2 engine software upgrade ordered after A220 failure incidents


    Operators of Embraer 195-E2 twinjets have been instructed to upgrade electronic engine-control software following inquiries into rotor disc failures on Airbus A220s. Both aircraft types use Pratt Whitney geared-fan engines, and the architecture of the PW1900G powerplant on the E195-E2 is similar to that of the A220’s ...

  • A350 SAF flight title-c-Airbus

    A350 recruited for emissions analysis of wholly-sustainable fuel flights


    Airbus and Rolls-Royce are participating in a study to examine in-flight emissions from commercial aircraft powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel. The study involves monitoring emissions from an Airbus A350-900, both on the ground and in the air. Sustainable fuel will be supplied by Neste and the study ...

  • EAG Union Jack - 03-c-EAG

    Falko backs Electric Aviation Group with undisclosed investment


    UK start-up Electric Aviation Group (EAG) has secured funding from lessor Falko Regional Aircraft it bids to bring a new environmentally friendly passenger aircraft to market.

  • Transcarga A300 title-c-Transcarga

    Rotor disc hits workshop after A300 engine fails on take-off


    Colombian investigators are probing a serious engine failure involving an Airbus A300B4 on take-off from Bogota. The incident occurred on 11 March, at about 00:30, as the Transcarga International Airways aircraft was departing for the Venezuelan city of Maiquetia. Colombian civil aviation authority Aerocivil says the twinjet (YV560T) ...

  • A350-900-c-Airbus

    A350-900s to remain exclusively Trent-powered until at least 2030


    Rolls-Royce has secured an exclusive position on the Airbus A350-900 for the remainder of the decade, ruling out any immediate prospect of a rival engine manufacturer entering the market for twinjet. The agreement means the Trent XWB will remain the sole powerplant on the A350 until at least 2030. ...

  • Trent 1000-c-Rolls-Royce

    Progress on Trent 1000 remedies brings down overall in-service costs


    Rolls-Royce is expecting overall in-service cash costs relating to Trent 1000 technical issues to fall to £2.1-2.2 billion ($2.9-3.1 billion), down from £2.4 billion, following improved progress on remedial work. The Trent 1000 is an engine option for the Boeing 787 but has been beset by a number of ...