What is Flight Dashboard?
Get the latest updates: News & analysis

Get tailored news and analysis to keep up to date on what's important to you in the aviation industry. Set up personalised news alerts to be notified on new changes in the industry including: new routes, orders, deliveries, airline start ups and contract announcements.

Research key players: Companies information

Everything you need to know on individual airlines, airports, MRO and aftermarket companies. Includes fleet, network, financial and contact information. Understand your competitive landscape and find new opportunities.  

Expand your network: Schedules data

Research new trends and get ahead of the competition. Understand route traffic, who is flying where and how that is changing to help you plan your expansion strategy and find new opportunities.

Get an overview of the world fleet

Understand who owns which aircraft, what’s in service and what’s on order. Research by airline, region and country to get the market intelligence you need to support your planning, competitive strategy and find new opportunities.

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