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Over the next decade, Asia Pacific and China will be the fastest growing region in the MRO space with projected growth of 20.2% from 2018-2028.

Ahead of the Aerospace Big Data Summit (19-20 March 2019) in Singapore, join us for the unique webinar with FlightGlobal’s Director of Aerospace Market, Andrew Doyle, Head of Strategic Content, Murdo Morrison and NokScoot Air’s Head of Engineering and Fleet Management, Raymond Tan.

The trio will look to discuss what the current landscape in predictive maintenance looks like in the APAC, Chinese and Indian markets and how we take advantage of the massive growth opportunities. This webinar will open some key questions around sustainability, data collaboration and how next-gen aircrafts challenging traditional MRO strategies..

Our speakers will share insights and commentary about:

  • What are the unique aspects of Asian operations? And how do they differ?
  • What are the main challenges and environmental conditions within the region?
  • What are the challenges and bottlenecks created due to market fragmentation in operators’ MRO supply chains and how must strategies evolve?
  • How do you create the business case and show the benefits of sharing data?

The Aerospace Big Data conference will focus on driving MRO innovation and collaboration to realize new data sharing standards. Featuring airline case studies, panel debates and roundtable discussions, the conference will highlight key trends and growth drivers in airline MRO operations in the APAC region.





Nathan Greer

Andrew Doyle, Director of Aerospace Market, Cirium

Andrew has worked for Flightglobal for 22 years and is responsible for managing strategic relationships with aerospace OEMs, MROs and suppliers.. An aerospace engineering graduate, he served as a journalist for 18 years covering all aspects of the industry worldwide, including overseas postings to Germany and Singapore and a five-year stint as Editor of Flight Daily News.




Raymond Tan

Raymond Tan, Former Head of Engineering and Fleet Management, NokScoot Air

Raymond has a career spanning 40+ years as a maintenance engineer. He spent 9 years with Jetstar Asia and established the Engineering and Maintenance division before moving on to Tiger Airways as Head of Engineering. At Nok Air, he worked on their aircraft transitions and became Head of Engineering at NokScoot.




Nathan Greer

Murdo Morrison, Head of Strategic Content, FlightGlobal

Murdo has been a business journalist for 25 years+. He regularly appears on the media as an industry expert for media channels including the BBC, Sky News, CNN and Monocle 24. In 2010 he was named “Aerospace Journalist of the Year” at the Farnborough Air Show and has been shortlisted in the British Society of Magazine Editors annual Editor of the Year awards.






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