Flight Ascend Consultancy hosted the quarterly Commercial Aviation webinar, where our independent aviation experts discussed the latest commercial aviation industry trends and developments

10:00 EDT 15:00 BST
Watch here



  • The commercial aviation demand and supply cycle – where are we today? What is the impact of lower fuel prices on the fleet dynamic and near term outlook for retirements? We will also address aircraft orders and backlog, including risk to the backlog and demand scenario required to justify Airbus and Boeing production plans over the next five years.
  • An update on the air cargo market
  • Latest trends and developments in commercial aircraft values and lease rates




Rob Morris, Head of Consultancy

Rob manages the global Flight Ascend Consultancy team and has more than 20 years of aviation experience. He specializes in Regional and Commercial Aircraft markets, operating cost and performance analysis and market forecasting.  Read more





Chris Seymour, Head of Market Analysis

Chris joined the Flight Ascend Consultancy in 1985 and was instrumental in developing the helicopter valuation side of the business. As Head of Market Analysis Chris now specialises in the growing advisory and market analysis. He works in the team that produces the Flight Fleet Forecast and has developed the new Global Helicopter Forecast.  Read more





George Dimitroff, Head of Valuations

George joined Flight Ascend Consultancy in 2005, having previously worked at Airbus and United Airlines. He has ultimate responsibility for all Value and Lease Rate opinions produced by the consultancy team. He also leads the annual Future Value and Lease Rate forecasting process. George has worked with the majority of lessors, banks, manufacturers and a number of airlines to support their decision making processes. He is currently based at the New York office.  Read more