Join us for the quarterly Commercial Aviation webinar, where our aviation experts will provide you with the latest insight on industry trends and developments.




  • What is the backlog risk in an environment of weakening demand? With single-aisle production rates increasing, does the increase in deferrals during 2016 become a cause for concern? Is it the start of new a trend?
  • How have the regional jet and turboprop manufacturers been faring in 2016? What is the level of order/deliveries? Are new programs on schedule? Which new players are entering the market?
  • The latest movements in values and lease rates in the twin-aisle market. Which aircraft types have come under the most pressure this year?
  • ICAO’s new carbon-offset scheme CORSIA and how it is going to be phased in from 2021. The definition of an ‘offset’ and how quality could impact the price, with insight from other offset markets around the globe.




Rob Morris, Head of Consultancy, Flight Ascend Consultancy

Rob manages the global Flight Ascend Consultancy team and has more than 20 years' of aviation experience. He specializes in Regional and Commercial Aircraft markets, operating cost and performance analysis and market forecasting.  Read more





Chris Seymour, Head of Market Analysis, Flight Ascend Consultancy

Chris is the Head of Market Analysis at Flight Ascend Consultancy, specializing in advisory and market analysis services. He leads the team which produces the Flight Fleet Forecast and has developed the Global Helicopter Forecast. Chris is also a frequent speaker and moderator at aviation conferences.  Read more





George Dimitroff, Head of Valuations

George is responsible for all Value and Lease Rate opinions produced by the consultancy team. He also leads the annual Future Value and Lease Rate forecasting press. George has worked with a vast number of lessors, banks, manufacturers and a number of airlines to support their decision-making processes.  Read more





Judith Schröter, Business Director Carbon Market Analytics, ICIS

Judith Schröter has been working in the global carbon market for several years. She started as an analyst for the Clean Development Mechanism. She is now leading the global carbon business unit at ICIS, which provides chemical industry news and market intelligence.