How we help

A powerhouse of world-class aviation, air travel data and analytics

FlightGlobal’s comprehensive data and decision support tools provide the most complete view of the aviation industry available, allowing you to cut through complexity and capture the insights critical to successful investments, operational efficiency and strategic planning.

A complete view of aviation

Data Analysis

We build on the foundation of our data to provide expert analysis, revealing the drivers of the aviation industry: the factors shaping supply and demand, the interplay of developments between sectors, and key details of the dynamic market environment. Use our sophisticated analytics tools to cut through complexity and make informed decisions.

Data Sets

We offer accurate and comprehensive aviation data sets, covering fleets, schedules, flight status, valuations, routes, fares and more. From customized files and feeds to UIs and APIs, we provide convenient access to the data you need to power your tools and systems and solve complex industry problems.

Actionable Alerts

FlightGlobal’s real-time alerts are powered by comprehensive, contextual data to ensure your operations take action quickly or deliver timely notifications to the right customer at the right time.

News, Insights and Expert Opinion

Our award-winning team of dedicated journalists, researchers, data scientists, analysts and independent consultants are focused on helping you understand and interpret the fast-moving aviation industry. These teams maintain rigorous codes of conduct with stringent methodologies forging a trusted partnership with our customers over many years.


Forecast trends, challenges, opportunities and change drivers shaping the future of the industry. Supply and demand forecasts and a future view of schedules and capacity to help you plan ahead. We can also help you drive revenues by providing tailored data to power your analysis tools. Explore potential future scenarios to support your strategy planning.

Events & Services

Join world-class aviation industry events and network with the world’s leading officials, executives and thought leaders to discuss major developments and trends, in prestigious venues within which travel companies, airlines, manufacturers and service providers can promote their brands to customers and prospects.

Increase brand awareness and promote thought leadership; find exceptional talen and strengthen your position, FlightGlobal has the audience and platforms you need.