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Develop your value to corporate customers

Understanding your challenges

  • Inaccurate or untimely communications frustrate travelers, reducing customer satisfaction and potentially causing a loss of business.
  • Failure to identify and prioritize high-value customers during times of disruption and report the impact to a corporate travel program damages relationships.
  • Reaccommodating disrupted customers is a complicated task and needs to be done smoothly to demonstrate great customer care.
  • Matching waivers to travelers’ itineraries can waste agent time and slow call-center response times.

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How we do it

We equip you to send more intelligent alerts to your travelers throughout their entire journey and proactively communicate in times of disruption.
  • Notify your travelers of any changes that may impact their day of travel plans.
  • Offer relevant ancillary services for preferred suppliers.
  • Make preparations to proactively reaccommodate travelers ahead of a disruption.
  • Mitigate costs for your customers to make your company an invaluable asset to any corporate travel program.

We help supply your agents with the information they need to take effective action and prioritize customers in need.
  • Inform agents about at-risk itineraries so they can be better positioned to quickly identify and assist disrupted travelers.
  • Prioritize issues based on the value of the customer and the severity of the impact caused by the disruption.

Our data and tools enable you to measure and quantify hard costs deflected and cost optimization for corporate customers.
  • Track and measure results as disruption happens to present a clear picture of your disruption services.
  • Impress your corporate customers by demonstrating your effectiveness in mitigating disruption.
  • Analyze performance and make informed improvements, increasing the value of your services to corporate travel programs.

We provide automation for the process of handling airline policy acceptation waivers to reduce call center load and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate with travelers to make them aware of their options for changing or cancelling a ticket without penalty.
  • Proactively reaccommodate the most valuable customers first, reducing call center wait times when disruptions occur and adding distinctive service benefit for high-value corporate customers.

Our data and tools will help you develop your value to corporate customers, and thus increase revenue growth.

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Access the most timely, accurate and comprehensive flight status, trip and waiver data to help deal with disruption and proactively serve your travelers.

We process over 16 million flight updates per day so you’ll never miss a single change in a traveler's itinerary.

We gather data from more than 600 sources and use a multi-source validation process for maximum accuracy, so you can be confident that your reaccommodation services are based on reliable information.

Our global coverage ranges between 95% and 99.9% so you know you can support travelers wherever in the world their journeys take them.