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Expand your network

Understanding your challenges

  • To develop your existing network, you need reliable information with which to identify new routes and opportunities
  • It is difficult to keep ahead of competitors without insight into their activity, especially if they have insight into yours
  • Identifying which airlines will fit your customer demand as codeshare and joint venture partners requires in-depth knowledge of their operations and capabilities

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How we do it

Our global schedules data reveals trends, helping you anticipate demand and plan accordingly
  • Discover and pursue new opportunities through market analysis based on reliable data
  • Ensure that your network remains relevant and profitable by navigating the markets’ constant change effectively

Monitoring competitor activity will help you protect and expand your market share
  • Assess potential threats to your network through knowledge of who is flying what, where and when
  • Access information comprising current, 12-year historical and 12-month advance schedules to gain an overview of all changes and thus anticipate competitor action

We can provide insight into all connection opportunities, as well as a comprehensive view of minimum connect times (MCTs)
  • Access over 90 million online and interline connections to identify extended route opportunities for your customers
  • Analyze hub connectivity using data from over 3,500 airports
  • Understand the full network of your existing and potential codeshare and partner airlines

By expanding your network with the right choices, we can help you maximise profitability.

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The most timely, accurate and comprehensive data

Our schedules data is collected directly from over 900 global airlines and includes 140 low-cost carriers

Access current, 12-year historical and 12-month advance schedules

Our data comprises more than 50 fields including flight number, details of codeshare flight numbers, frequency, aircraft type, flight times and distance, effective and discontinued dates, departure and arrival cities and airports served

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