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Identify retrofit opportunities

Understanding your challenges

  • Upgrade business cases must be backed up by reliable insights to be compelling
  • If opportunities are not identified quickly enough, they will be exploited by competitor suppliers
  • Inaccurate forecasts of aircraft orders and deliveries will result in failure to predict and capitalize on changes in the retrofit supply chain

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How we help

We deliver reliable market outlooks to help you produce accurate part production forecasts
  • Our team brings to bear 80 years’ combined experience to compile and verify an independent 20-year global fleet forecast
  • We analyze the current in-service and on-order fleet using validated fleet data, acquired by our team of 35 aviation experts and verified by 400+ automated tests

We help identify potential customers for specific parts to clear stock, free up warehouse space and improve cashflow
  • Use our information on current suppliers of in-flight entertainment (IFE), seats and connectivity for 22,237 commercial aircraft to identify opportunities and pursue them effectively

We can help you find short- and long-term opportunities for new business before your competitors do
  • Track market developments and fleet expansion plans.
  • Research details on specific announcements in the news
  • Investigate specific aircraft or fleets based on accurate hours and cycles information
  • Identify key contacts and decision-makers to discuss deals and partnerships

By providing you with robust data, news and forecasts on market developments, we help you to pursue retrofit opportunities

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Where does our data come from and what makes it the most authoritative

The most comprehensive view of the global fleet

Over 379,000 unique aircraft records made up of 176,566 in-service aircraft across helicopters, commercial, military fixed-wing, business and utility transport fleets.

Data sourced from dedicated aviation researchers

A team of 35 aviation researchers collate data on a daily basis from aircraft registers, OEMs, banks and lessors with additional information obtained from clients, news providers, social media and photographic evidence.

A trusted quality control procedure

Data quality is paramount to FlightGlobal and there are numerous processes to ensure our clients receive the best quality data possible. The team uses a bespoke application that runs a series of over 400 automated tests to check data integrity.

The most informed view of aircraft utilization

Gain a comprehensive flight-by-flight history for each individual aircraft in the global fleet, including taxi, airborne and turn times.

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