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Benchmark your flight performance against competitors

Understanding your challenges

  • It is difficult to outmaneuver competitors without strong insight into their operations, especially when they have superior insight into yours
  • It can be prohibitively expensive for a single industry participant or analyst to collect sufficient data for meaningful benchmarking and operational intelligence
  • Competitor operations will not overlap perfectly with your own, so benchmarking against them may be unreliable if performance is not compared at specific airports and routes

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How we do it

We provide data and tools that help you measure both your own performance and that of others, be they competitors or potential partners
  • Get an edge over the competition with comprehensive worldwide flight data on 90% of the world’s published schedules
  • View all available flight operations information, including operating carrier designations for the desired airports, aggregated from over 600 data sources
  • Access present data within 5 minutes of being sourced and all historical data since 2011
  • With our analysis, you can ensure you are operating the most efficient routes, maximizing network profitability and optimizing on-time performance. Analyze taxi time to identify times of congestion and delays
  • Gain insights into gate utilization, passenger flow and hub bank utilization
  • Access a collection of compelling visualizations analysis tools that facilitate benchmarking and competitive performance at the airline, airport, market and route level

Our platform works out of the box, giving you immediate, hassle-free access to our data and tools
  • Avoid spending time and resources on IT and software installation by using our web-based, cloud-hosted platform
  • Start analyzing trends and benchmarking your performance immediately

By giving you the tools you need to benchmark your flight performance against competitors, we help you drive operational efficiency and get ahead of the competition.

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Why trust our data

Why trust our data

Analyze the most accurate, timely and complete historical flight information so you can benchmark your performance against your competitors and make adjustments where they’ll be most effective.


    We ensure our data is accurate by collecting real-time flight status data from multiple sources. The data required to power real-time alerts is collected from published schedules, government sources, travel agencies, global distribution systems, airports and airlines.


We sample data more frequently than anyone in the industry, processing about 16.5 million updates per day. With access to our feeds, you can analyze how your competitors are performing in near real-time.

Complete Coverage

We collect data from over 600 sources globally, tracking flight status data on 930 airlines monthly. This means you can trust that you have the most complete picture of how the aviation industry is changing.

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